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Series 1 - Ed Stewart vs. Mike Read Signs
These newspaper signs, seen all around Royston Vasey in Series 1, are based on statements made in a documentary by Mike Read's infamous stalker, Blue Tulip Rose Read.
"Ed Stewart's Breath Stinks" and "Mike Read's Breath is Beautiful"
can be found in Episode 2
"Ed Stewart Made Me Very Very Ill" and "Mike Read Made Me Better"
can be found in Episode 3
"Evil Ed Stewart Bans Easter" and "Mike Read is Not Gay - Pictures"
can be found in Episode 4
By Episode 6 we've come full-circle with a "Mike Read's Breath Stinks" newspaper sign.
"Monty" Posters

Posters that are a take-off of The Full Monty appear throughout the series.

The Skull Monty
Series 1
The Shull Monty
Series 2
The Full Monster
Series 2
The Dull Monty
(they take their hats off)
The Christmas Special

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