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This web site is my attempt to compile all of the characters that appear (and reappear) throughout the various episodes of The League of Gentlmen television series. I'm just a fan (from the wrong side of the pond) who fell desperately in love with the League and wanted to create a site to show my appreciation to them, as well as give something back to the fan community at large. I hope you find this site helpful and interesting.

Most of the content in the "trivia" sections is gleaned from DVD commentaries as well as all of the interviews I could find online, with some additional help from the wonderful Scripts and That book (that everyone should own!!). If anyone has more information they would like to share, please feel free to e-mail me at Any and all additions would be greatly appeciated! I'll keep a list of contributors on either the What's New page or this page (I haven't fully decided where just yet).

The "bio" section of each character's data does contain spoilers, so if you haven't watched all of the episodes please read at your own risk!

Lastly, this site was created so I could channel my love for the League of Gentlemen into something useful. No copyright infringement is intended. This site is in no way affiliated with The League of Gentlemen. If I am asked by someone associated with The League to remove content from the site, I will comply. You can read the statement from The League of Gentlemen concerning fan sites below. All images on this site were created from screen-captures from the DVDs.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay at The League of Gentlemen Character Index.

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Dear all,

With regard to unofficial websites, the truth of the matter is The League of Gentlemen are very enthusiastic about all the websites and the fans who run them. We have in fact decided not to have an official website of our own simply because the unofficial ones do such an excellent job. The irony is we were on the point of giving a blanket "blessing" to all unofficial sites when this present difficulty arose.

For the record, we are delighted to have such loyal, friendly and dedicated fans, and any statements to the contrary are nothing more than Chinese whispers and idle gossip.

With very best wishes and thanks to you all for your continued support,

Jeremy Dyson
Mark Gatiss
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