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X-Files In-Jokes: Season Eight

Within - 8x01

  • Robert Patrick's new character, Agent John Doggett, is named for sports announcer Vin Scully's co-commentator, Jerry Doggett. Vin Scully is the man for whom Dana Scully is named.
  • 1013 - the number of Gibson Praise's file is 1013-113 (10/13 is creator Chris Carter's birthday)
  • Not an in-joke, but this episode was dedicated to the memory of Jim Engh, the member of the production crew who was killed during the filming of this episode. Six other crew members were also injured in the accident, electrocuted while filming on a scaffold.
  • Within Script Differences

    Without - 8x02

  • A fan (T Lynn) who was lucky enough to visit during the filming and walk on the classroom science lab set reported that it was full of in-jokes and Ten Thirteen humor. Notices on the wall included lectures being given by Chris Carter, and the lists of students signed up for activities included the names of crew members and others involved in making the episode, including Kim Manners.
  • Perhaps Agent Landau was named for Martin Landau, the man who played Alivn Kurtzweil in the X-Files movie.
  • Without Script Differences

    Redrum - 8x03

  • Title - "Redrum" is "murder" spelled backwards, and is probably best known in pop-culture as a phrase from Stephen King's book "The Shining" (or the subsequent movie starring Jack Nicholson). Interestingly enough this stand-alone episode is about a man accused of his wife's murder who is suddenly living his life backwards one day at a time.
    Spoilers provided by the amazing Autumn T. and Star, as pilfered from The Haven for the FBI's Most Unwanted
  • Patience - 8x04

    Roadrunners - 8x05

    Roadrunners Script Differences

    Invocation - 8x06

    Via Negativa - 8x07

  • Title - According to the Official Site, the title is a Latin phrase that refers to the darkest path taken en route to enlightenment. For more information on the title (as a psychoanalysis study), check out this page -- where via negativa is described as "negative path wherein salvation or enlightenment is achieved less by direct discovery and affirmation of the truth than by seeing through the veil of Maya, the pseudo-truths that we mistake for it; less through knowledge (gnosis) of the one true faith than by transcending the counterfeit creeds that stand in the way of any genuine salvation by faith and by grace; and less by direct discovery of the true self than by fighting free of the false selves that are its masquerades."
  • The Official X-Files Magazine reports that the Doctor Directory printed on the "Washington National Hospital" letterhead contains the names "C. Carter, D. Scully, C. Kaplan" (most of you can figure out the C. Carter & D. Scully, but the other name is that of Production Designer Corey Kaplan).
  • Per Manum - 8x08

  • Title - literally, the title is Latin for "by hand"
  • Surekill - 8x09

    Salvage - 8x10

  • This episode includes some references to the movies "The Terminator" and "Terminator 2: Judgement Day". In particular, when told that the man is made of metal, Agent John Doggett (played by Robert Patrick) replies that that "only happens in the movies" -- which is funny since Robert Patrick did indeed play a man made of metal in T2. Another noticeable homage was when Ray (the episode's metal man) was poking at his face in front of a mirror under the flickering bathroom light -- which was very much like a similar scene in "The Terminator".
  • The Gift - 8x11

    Badlaa - 8x12

  • Title - "Badlaa" is Urdu (a language spoken in India) for "exchange/retaliation/revenge".
  • Medusa - 8x13

  • Title: Medusa is a character from Greek Mythology, one of the three "Gorgons". The most well-known of the Medusa myths describes her with hair of snakes and a face so ugly that looking upon it turns a person to stone. The name "Medusa" means "sovereign female wisdom". For more information on Medusa check out this webpage.
  • This Is Not Happening - 8x14

  • Title - This probably wasn't deliberate, but it is worth mentioning that the title is also a humorous reference to Darin Morgan's excellent episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space", wherein a man disguised as an alien is abducted by real aliens -- where sits in his cage muttering the phrase "This is not happening" over and over again.
  • Arlene Pileggi, Mitch Pileggi's (Skinner) wife and Gillian Anderson's former photo double, can again be seen as Skinner's secretary in this episode. Arlene can also be seen as Skinner's assistant in Season 5's "Bad Blood", Season 6's "Triangle", "S.R. 819", and "Monday", Season 7's "The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati", Season 8's "Dead Alive", and Season 9's "Sunshine Days". Arlene also played Scully's look-alike in Season 7's "Fight Club".
  • The Biblical Absalom was known for having long hair -- as does the Absalom in this episode.
  • DeadAlive - 8x15

  • Title - This title describes the condition of Mulder in the majority of the episode.
  • Arlene Pileggi, Mitch Pileggi's (Skinner) wife and Gillian Anderson's former photo double, can again be seen as Skinner's secretary in this episode. Arlene can also be seen as Skinner's assistant in Season 5's "Bad Blood", Season 6's "Triangle", "S.R. 819", and "Monday", Season 7's "The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati", Season 8's "This Is Not Happening", and Season 9's "Sunshine Days". Arlene also played Scully's look-alike in Season 7's "Fight Club".
  • I'm not sure why, but Lone Gunman Bruce Harwood's name appears in the credits as "Bruce Hardwood".
  • Vienen - 8x16

  • Title - "Vienen" is Spanish for "They Come".
  • Empedocles - 8x17

  • Title - "Empedocles" is the name of a Greek scientist-philosopher-poet circa 450 BC. He was known for his belief in the "four-element" theory -- that all things are composed of four "primal" elements: earth, air, fire, and water. He believed that opposing forces (love and hate) acted upon these elements to combine and separate them into their varied forms (hate separates them, love combines them). He also formulated a primitive theory of evolution in which he claimed that humans and animals evolved from antecedent forms.
  • Three Words - 8x18

  • Title - While everyone was getting their hopes up that the "Three Words" referenced in the title might be an "I love you" between Mulder and Scully, but in typical 1013 fashion the title is actually in reference to the words "Fight the Future".
  • Alone - 8x19(formerly "A Dream Whose Sleep")

  • Title - the now-unused title "A Dream Whose Sleep" is a partial line from an e.e.cummings poem titled "the great advantage of being alive", which can be read in its entirety here
  • This episode contained what is, in my opinion, the best fan tribute ever. Special Agent Leyla Harrison was named for fan Leyla Harrison, whose life was tragically cut short in February 2001 when she lost her battle with skin cancer. My favorite thing about the Agent Harrison character is that she was actually a huge X-Files fan, much like the real Leyla. She is full of X-Files trivia and obscure references, just like a real-life fan of the show. I also enjoyed the character because she was bright-eyed, excited, and eager to follow in Mulder & Scully's footsteps (unlike certain other agents assigned to the X-Files). Go here to visit the real Leyla Harrison's home page, including the sad story of her fight against cancer.
  • Essence - 8x20

  • Mitch Pileggi's wife, Arlene (who appears in multiple episodes as Skinner's secretary) is listed in the episode's credits as "1st Woman Party-Goer".
  • Mulder says that Scully's got "manos de piedra", which translates to "Hands of Rock/Stone".
  • Existence - 8x21

  • The credits list "Scully's baby" as Jerry Shiban, son of head-writer and season eight co-executive producer John Shiban.

  • Be sure to check out the highly informative "Research Information" for the season 8 episodes at the WONDERFUL Official Site

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