The X-Files In-Jokes List


If you frequent the X-Files newsgroup, you know that there are some threads that just won't die. People complain because Scully never drives or because Mulder always drops his gun. Here are the lists of episodes where many of these things occur -- so you can see for yourself whether or not any of these complaints/observations are valid.

Yes, Mulder does shoot people:

Young At Heart
End Game (the alien doesn't die - but Mulder still shot him)
Our Town
Grotesque (not a fatal shot)
Pusher (not a fatal shot, but nearly so)
Paper Hearts
Max (well, he tried to)
Monday (although it doesn't "stick")
Trevor (not intended as a fatal shot)
Field Trip (but it didn't really happen)
Signs & Wonders (not a fatal shot)
(Season 1: 1 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 3 / Season 4: 4 / Season 5: 1 / Season 6: 3 / Season 7: 3)

...and Scully shoots people too:

Beyond the Sea
Anasazi (does shooting Mulder count?)
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
Home (although it doesn't hurt him)
Teliko (not a fatal shot)
Tempus Fugit (not a fatal shot)
Kitsunegari (not a fatal shot)
Bad Blood (according to Mulder)
Folie A Deux
Milagro - although it goes right through him
Patience (not a fatal shot)
Badlaa (fatal or not, you decide?)
(Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 1 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 4 / Season 5: 4 / Season 6: 1 / Season 7: 3 / Season 8: 2)

...and sometimes Mulder, Scully, and/or Skinner get shot!:

Beyond the Sea (Mulder)
Young At Heart (Scully)
Anasazi (Scully - grazed)
Anasazi (Mulder)
Piper Maru (Skinner)
Unrequited (Skinner - grazed)
The Movie (Mulder)
The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas (Scully - imagined)
The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas (Mulder - imagined)
Tithonus (Scully)
Monday (Mulder twice - relived)
Field Trip (Skinner - but not really)
The Goldberg Variation (Mulder)
(Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 1 / Season 5: 0 / Season 6: 5 / Season 7: 1)

Yes, Scully does drive:

Deep Throat
Ghost in the Machine
Beyond the Sea
The Erlenmeyer Flask
Fresh Bones
Blessing Way
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
War of the Coprophages
Teso Dos Bichos
Quagmire - it's a boat but she still drives it!!
Talitha Cumi
El Mundo Gira
Christmas Carol
Kill Switch
The Pine Bluff Variant
The Beginning
Dreamland II
How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
One Son
Field Trip
En Ami
(Season 1: 7 / Season 2: 3 / Season 3: 9 / Season 4: 8 / Season 5: 4 / Season 6: 5 / Season 7: 3 / Season 8: 1)

...and Mulder cries:

The Erlenmeyer Flask (well, his voice breaks)
One Breath
End Game
Talitha Cumi
The Field Where I Died
Paper Hearts (kinda)
Demons (well, he does according to the script)
Gethsemane/Redux (same scene, two episodes)
Redux II
The Red and the Black (maybe)
The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (in the "dream" world)
Sein Und Zeit
(Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 3 / Season 3: 2 / Season 4: 5 / Season 5: 3 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 3)

...but Scully cries too:

Beyond the Sea
The Blessing Way
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
Memento Mori
Gethsemane/Redux (same scene, two episodes)
Redux II
Christmas Carol
Emily (well, she's teary-eyed)
All Souls
The Movie
Field Trip
The Sixth Extinction
The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
All Things
This is Not Happening (a few times)
DeadAlive (a few times)
(Season 1: 1 / Season 2: 1 / Season 3: 4 / Season 4: 3 / Season 5: 5 / Season 6: 2 / Season 7: 4 / Season 8: 6 )

Yes, Mulder drops his gun A LOT:

Erlenmeyer Flask
3 (twice)
One Breath
Red Museum
Fresh Bones
Die Hand Die Verletzt
End Game
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
Nisei (but he has another one)
Teliko (though you can't really blame him)
Unusual Suspects (again, can't really blame him)
Detour (he drops it on purpose though)
Signs & Wonders (though I can't blame him)
(Season 1: 4 / Season 2: 8 / Season 3: 4 / Season 4: 3 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 1)

... and Scully gets abducted/held hostage quite a bit:

Duane Barry/Ascension
End Game
Our Town
Herrenvolk (kinda)
Kill Switch
The Movie
(Season 1: 1 / Season 2: 4 / Season 3: 0 / Season 4: 2 / Season 5: 1 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 1 / Season 8: 1)

Mulder ditches Scully

Deep Throat
Fallen Angel
Little Green Men
End Game
Syzygy (at any rate, Scully says he did)
Paper Hearts
Demons (and strands her at his mother's house!)
Terms of Endearment
The UnNatural
Field Trip(although it didn't really happen)
(Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 2 / Season 4: 3 / Season 5: 0 / Season 6: 5 / Season 7: 0 / Season 8: 1)

Mulder seems to be fond of porn

  • Jersey Devil - Scully catches Mulder looking at a model in a 'girlie' magazine, which he attempts to cover up by saying she was an abductee.
  • Beyond the Sea - Scully tells him "Last time you were that engrossed, it turned out you were reading the Adult Video News"
  • Blood - Mulder tells the Lone Gunmen that he must have overlooked their August issue because it arrived on the same day as his issue of "Celebrity Skin".
  • One Breath - Can't tell for sure, but what was that tape he was watching when he gets the call that Scully has reappeared?
  • Excelsius Dei - Mulder claims that the tape Scully found in the VCR wasn't his, and she replies that she put it back in the drawer with the rest of the tapes that aren't his
  • Paper Clip - Mulder tells Frohike that the he will have to wait a little bit longer for Mulder's video collection (implying that Mulder will leave it to him when he dies).
  • D.P.O. - Upon finding Darren's copy of Playboy, Mulder comments (at Scully's jibe) that he already has that issue
  • Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose - While attempting to find Claude Dukenfield's body, Bruckman casually comments to Mulder that while there are worse ways to go, he can't think of anything less dignified than auto-erotic asphyxiation. Mulder, confused by this turn of topic, asks why Bruckman is telling him this, to which Bruckman quickly replies that it's none of his business and to forget that he mentioned it. While I doubt Mulder will really meet his end this way, I think that Bruckman choosing this way to rattle Mulder is a semi-reference to Mulder's porn-habit.
  • Nisei - after asking Scully to watch a video "that came in the mail", she mentions that "it's not your usual brand of entertainment".
  • Pusher - after being fitted with the 2-lux video camera, Mulder asks "Think I can get the Playboy Channel?"
  • Small Potatoes - Eddie (as the faux Mulder) finds an answering machine message to Mulder from a phone-sex company
  • Chinga - Mulder is watching a suspiciously pornographic-sounding tape titled "Alien Probe"
  • All Souls - Mulder hurries Scully so he can return to "A Decade of Dirty Delinquents"
  • The End - so it isn't porn, but it is rather telling when the mind-reading kid informs Mulder that "You've got a dirty mind"
  • Dreamland I - Mulder settles down for a good night's sleep to the soothing sounds of the porn station SIZL
  • Dreamland II - Mulder's long-lost bedroom is filled with boxes of files and at least one copy of "PlayPen".
  • The UnNatural - Mulder mentiones his "obscenely overdue triple-X bill" during his list of things that baseball makes you forget
  • Hollywood A.D. - while talking about ambient sounds we usually tune out, Chuck Burks mentions the sound of "Mulder's porn tapes on pause".
    (Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 3 / Season 3: 4 / Season 4: 1 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 3 / Season 7: 1)
  • Danny & Chuck Burks Sightings!
    While not as well-known as the Lone Gunmen, Mulder does have other friends that he calls on to help him out from time-to-time. Mulder's oft-called but never seen friend Danny has helped Mulder and Scully through many-a-case. Here's a look at some of his "appearances"...

  • Conduit - Mulder faxes a page of Kevin's ones & zeros to "Danny Bernstein", who agrees to check it out in exchange for tickets to a Redskins game.
  • The Erlenmeyer Flask - Mulder calls Danny to run a partial license plate for him.
  • The Erlenmeyer Flask - Mulder calls Danny again, this time to track down the address for a telephone number (for Zeus Storage). Note: this marks the only time we get to hear Danny's voice.
  • Aubrey - Scully(!) calls Danny (although this time his last name is Valladeo(?)) for help in checking out adoption records.
  • Our Town - Mulder had Danny run a search on all missing persons last seen within a 200 mile radius of the town.
  • Avatar - Mulder calls on Danny to attempt to identify the face from the airbag.
  • WetWired - Mulder has Danny research the calls last made from the faux-doctor's hotel room.
  • Leonard Betts - Scully has Danny run Leonard Betts' fingerprints - leading them to his "Albert Tanner" alter ego.
  • Christmas Carol - Scully calls on Danny to send her the case files on her sister Melissa.
  • Roadrunners - Doggett(!) calls Danny
    (Season 1: 3 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 1 / Season 5: 1 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 0 / Season 8: 1)
  • Another of Mulder's friends, Chuck Burks, is only called in when the case is extremely weird and Chuck's "special talents" are in order.
  • The Calusari
  • Leonard Betts
  • Biogenesis
  • Hollywood A.D.
  • Badlaa
    (Season 1: 0 / Season 2: 1 / Season 3: 0 / Season 4: 1 / Season 5: 0 / Season 6: 1 / Season 7: 1 / Season 8: 1)
  • When bad things happen to a good boss (Skinner, of course)

    End Game - fights with Mr. X
    Anasazi - Mulder punches him
    The Blessing Way - Scully pulls her gun on him
    Paper Clip - Scully and Mulder point their guns at him, he later gets beat up in a stairwell
    Piper Maru - Shot in the stomach by Luis Cardinal
    Apocrypha - assassination attempt by Luis Cardinal
    Pusher - beaten up by secretary
    Avatar - accused of murder
    Unrequited - grazed by a bullet
    Zero Sum - set up by Cancerman, Mulder points his gun at him, altogether a bad situation for Skinner
    Redux - Scully believes that Skinner is the one who gave her cancer
    Redux II - Blevins asks Mulder to implicate Skinner in the investigation
    The Beginning - Repremanded for helping Mulder
    SR 819 - nearly killed by Alex Krycek and nanotechnology
    Biogenesis - Krycek cashes in on his nanotechnology threat
    The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati - attacked by Krycek in his office
    Without - attacked and injured by the caustic blood of the Alien Bounty Hunter
    Existence - Alien-Billy Miles hits Skinner in the head (Season 1: 0 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 6 / Season 4: 2 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 3 / Season 7: 1 / Season 8: 2)

    What do you call a man without a name?
    This is a compilation of the names that our agents and their associates have called the man billed in the credits as "The Cigarette Smoking Man".

    One Breath - "Cancer Man" (twice) by Mulder
    One Breath - "The Cancer Man" by Skinner
    One Breath - "You son of a bitch" by Mulder
    Anasazi - "black lunged son of a bitch" by Mulder
    Paper Clip - "Double-Crossing son of a bitch" by Krycek
    Paper Clip - "you son of a bitch" by Skinner
    Paper Clip - "your cigarette smoking friend" by Mulder
    WetWired - "Cancer Man" by Scully
    Talitha Cumi - "The Smoking Man" by Mulder
    Talitha Cumi - "The Cancer Man" by Mr. X
    Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man - "Cancer Man" by Mulder
    Memento Mori - "Cigarette Man" by Mulder
    Memento Mori - "our chain-smoking friend" by Mulder
    Zero Sum - "the Smoking Man" by Mulder
    Redux II - "Smoking Man" by Skinner
    The End - "Old Smokey" by Mulder
    Two Fathers - "Cigarette Smoking Man" by Scully
    Two Fathers - "Smokey" by Mulder
    Two Fathers - "The Smoking Man" by Mulder
    One Son - the "Biggest Bastard of All" by Cassandra
    One Son - "C.G.B." by Mulder
    One Son - "The Cigarette Smoking Man" by Mulder
    En Ami - "Smoking Man" by Mulder
    Requiem - "Cigarette Smoking Man" by Marita
    Requiem - "Cancerman" by Marita
    Requiem - "Cigarette Smoking son of a bitch" by Krycek
    (Season 1: 0 / Season 2: 4 / Season 3: 6 / Season 4: 4 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 8 / Season 7: 4)

    Mulder's slide shows
    You know them. You love them. We can't go too long without them.

    The Pilot
    Darkness Falls
    Red Museum
    The List
    Bad Blood
    Mind's Eye (a Scully slide show!)
    Field Trip
    Biogenesis (well, a projector anyway)
    All Things
    Fight Club
    Patience (a Scully slide show!)
    (Season 1: 8 / Season 2: 1 / Season 3: 3 / Season 4: 0 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 2 / Season 7: 2 / Season 8: 1)

    Elvis Lives On -- in the X-Files

  • Shadows - "Do you realize how hard it is to fake your own death? Only one person has pulled it off, Elvis."
  • Miracle Man - "Here's the part where they bring out Elvis"
  • Blood - when the 'too-serious' sheriff leaves the room, Mulder tells Scully that "He's probably one of those people who thinks Elvis is dead"
  • Irresistible - "You know people videotape police beatings on darkened streets, they manage to spot Elvis in three cities across America every day, but no one saw a pretty woman being forced off the road in her rental car".
  • Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose - One of Yappi's predictions is that Elvis is really dead, but Buddy Holly is still alive
  • Home - Mulder pouts upon finding newspaper with headline "Elvis Prestley dead at 42"
  • Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man - the title to part 2 is "Just down the road aways from Graceland"
  • Never Again - Mulder makes a 'spiritual' journey to Elvis' home, Graceland
  • Post-Modern Prometheus - Mulder & Scully dance to "Walking in Memphis", a Marc Cohn song that is a tribute to Elvis.
  • Surekill - an Elvis-mention from Doggett, who upon seeing the bullet-ridden room mentions that Elvis used to do that to his hotel rooms
  • Empedocles - After a speech from Reyes on seeing evil, Mulder comments that he saw Elvis in a potato chip once
    (Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 3 / Season 5: 1 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 0 / Season 8: 2)
  • Songs in the Key of X
    Chris Carter once said that eventually all songs from the album "Songs in the Key of X" would appear somewhere in the show. Here's how we are doing so far:

    Ascension - Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's Red Right Hand
    Humbug - Screamin' Jay Hawkins' Frenzy
    Syzygy - Danzig's Deep
    Max - Soul Coughing's Unmarked Helicopters
    More Secrets of the X-Files - Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper's In the Hand of Death (Burn Baby Burn)
    More Secrets of the X-Files - P.M. Dawn Remix of the X-Files Theme
    Schizogeny - Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper's In the Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn)
    Schizogeny - Danzig's Deep
    (Season 1: 0 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 1 / Season 5: 1 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 0)

    Episodes that promote Cannibalism
    Here are the episodes where people/bits of people are eaten! (List originally posted to by Joe Ramirez)

    The Jersey Devil
    Our Town
    Leonard Betts
    Bad Blood
    The Movie
    (Season 1: 3 / Season 2: 3 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 2 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 2 / Season 8: 1)

    Deaths of recurring characters
    In this category, recurring characters are those that have appeared in more than one episode -- and two-parters only count as one episode.

    Deep Throat in "The Erlenmeyer Flask"
    Tooms (kinda) in "Tooms"
    Crew Cut Man in "Red Museum"
    William Mulder in "Anasazi"
    Melissa Scully in "Paper Clip"
    Luis Cardinal in "Apocrypha"
    Queequeg in "Quagmire"
    Mr. X in "Herrenvolk"
    Max Fenig (kinda) in "Tempus Fugit"
    Agent Pendrell in "Max"
    Penny Northern in "Memento Mori"
    Section Chief Blevins in "Redux II"
    Robert Patrick Modell in "Kitsunegari"
    Quiet Willy in "The Red and the Black"
    The Well-Manicured Man in the Movie
    One of the Elders (George Murdock) in "Two Fathers"
    Jeffery Spender (?) in "One Son"
    Cassandra Spender (?) in "One Son"
    The Syndicate in "One Son"
    Albert Hosteen in "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"
    Michael Kritschgau in "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"
    Diana Fowley (?) in "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"
    Donnie Pfaster in "Orison"
    Teena Mulder in "Sein Und Zeit"
    Cancerman in "Requiem"?????? (although somehow I doubt it)
    Alien Bounty Hunter in "Without" (one of them, at least)
    Billy Miles in DeadAlive (even though an alien with his body is still around)
    Dr. Parenti in Essence
    Duffy Haskell in Essence
    Alex Krycek in Existence
    --- Honorable mentions --- these characters were dead by the end of their first episodes, but since they keep poping up I suppose they must be considered recurring
    Captain William Scully in "Beyond the Sea" (seen again in "One Breath")
    Emily in "Christmas Carol/Emily" (seen again in "All Souls")
    --- Another kind of Honorable mention --- According to "Closure", Samantha Mulder has really been dead for the entire series, although we've seen her in clones, flashbacks, adult imposters, etc. Thus, although we the "real" Sam was never alive all this time, it just seems criminal to not mention her here somehow. She was "THE" recurring character we all loved to see.
    (Season 1: 3 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 3 / Season 4: 4 / Season 5: 3 / Season 6: 4 / Season 7: 5 / Season 8: 3)

    Mulder & Scully Hugs & Kisses:
    Special relationshipper section! For the romantic in us all.

    Pilot - Hug - after determining the bumps are really mosquito bites
    Little Green Men - a hair ruffle and hand holding
    One Breath - some hand-holding
    Red Museum - the oh-so-romantic wiping of the barbecue sauce
    Irresistible - Hug - after Scully successfully evades Pfaster
    Anasazi - kinda Hug/kinda Collapse - as Mulder enters Scully's apartment
    Paper Clip - Hug - after Scully's sister dies
    Pusher - hand holding and a bit of drool!
    Herrenvolk - Hug - in Mulder's mother's hospital room
    Paper Hearts - Hug - in the office at the end of the episode
    Terma - Hug - in the courtroom, after Mulder's return from Russia
    Memento Mori - Hug & Top-of-the-head Kiss - in the hospital corridor, after Peggy Northern dies
    Demons - Hug - after Mulder almost shoots Scully
    Redux II - 3 Kisses (to cheek & hand, and other assorted schmoopyness) - as Scully lies dying in the hospital
    Detour - they snuggle!
    Post-Modern Prometheus - they dance!
    The Red and the Black - some hand-holding and hair-brushing
    All Souls - a semi-hug after Scully admits to seeing Emily
    Folie A Deux - some hospital hand-holding -- plus that great "You're my one in 5 billion" line
    The End - Hug - at "the end" of the episode
    The Movie - A Near-Miss-Kiss (now that's what I call close), some hugging, a forehead kiss, some hand-holding (this was a romantic movie)
    Triangle - BIG kiss between Mulder and a 1939!Scully, and an "I love you" from Mulder to Scully
    Tithonus - sweet handholding scene as Scully recovers in the hospital
    Milagro - desperate hug at the end
    The UnNatural - Every Mulder/Scully scene in entire episode!
    Field Trip - Hand Holding at the end
    The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati - some tender words and lovely hugs, Scully kisses Mulder's forehead
    Millennium - FINALLY! A real, honest-to-goodness, no bees to be found, mouth-to-mouth kiss!!!
    All Things - Scully in Mulder's bathroom, Mulder in bed, let the speculation begin...
    Brand X - hand-holding
    Hollywood A.D. - Mulder & Scully "vacationing" together in LA, hand-holding
    Je Souhaite - two happy agents enjoying an evening together watching movies & eating popcorn
    Requiem - some very adorable snuggling and a kiss to Scully's cheek in Mulder's bed, a nice hug outside Skinner's office -- and a baby????
    Existence - big kiss, confirm that the baby is theirs
    (Season 1: 1 / Season 2: 5 / Season 3: 2 / Season 4: 5 / Season 5: 7 / Season 6: 4 / Season 7: 4 / Season 8: 1)

    Scully uses her key to enter Mulder's apartment

    Little Green Men
    End Game
    Anasazi (a few times)
    The Blessing Way
    The Pine Bluff Variant
    (Season 1: 0 / Season 2: 3 / Season 3: 3 / Season 4: 1 / Season 5: 1 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 0 / Season 8: 1)

    Mulder Sleeps on his Couch

    The Erlenmeyer Flask
    Little Green Men
    3 (well, he chooses a chair over the bed)
    One Breath
    Paper Hearts
    Dreamland I (again, he chooses the chair over a bed)
    Monday (yay!)
    (Season 1: 3 / Season 2: 4 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 1 / Season 5: 0 / Season 6: 2 / Season 7: 0)

    Why Haven't They Evicted Him Yet?
    Why would any apartment building want Mulder as a tenant? Listed here are gunshots and other assorted nastiness that occurs in and around Mulder's apartment.

    Anasazi - Woman shoots husband in apartment down the hall from Mulder
    Anasazi - Scully is shot through Mulder's window
    Anasazi - Scully shoots Mulder outside the apartment building
    Herrenvolk - Mr. X shot in Mulder's hallway
    Redux - Gunshots in the apartment above Mulder's
    The Movie - Mulder shot outside the apartment building
    One Son - Mulder's apartment building is placed under quaranteen
    Monday - waterbed leak causes a lot of flooding
    Milagro - Scully attacked -- many shots fired -- Padgett dead by the furnace(?)
    Three Words - well, he's been dead 3 months, but he still has his apartment???
    And on a related note -- his apartment doesn't appear to be very safe, considering just about everyone has broken in
    E.B.E. - Deep Throat (and whoever bugged the place)
    Tooms - Eugene Victor Tooms
    Little Green Men - the Senator's man just walks right in
    One Breath - some bad guys who trash the place
    End Game - more bad guys to trash the place
    Nisei - someone ransacked the place
    Herrenvolk - someone is in his apartment just before Mr. X is killed
    Redux - Cancerman
    The Red and the Black - Krycek
    (Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 6 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 2 / Season 5: 3 / Season 6: 3 / Season 7: 0 / Season 8: 1)

    List for the sleep-deprived
    As long as we are on the topic of Mulder sleeping on his couch, here is a list of instances where Mulder has been told to "get some sleep"...

  • Tooms - told "You're delirious. Go home and get some sleep" by Scully
  • Ascension - told to "Get some sleep" by Skinner
  • 3 - told to "get some sleep" by Detective Munson
  • Dod Kalm - told "you should sleep" by Scully
  • Anasazi - "you need to rest okay, rest" by Scully
  • Wetwired - "get some sleep" by the Plain-Clothed Man
  • Paper Hearts - Scully informs Skinner that she told Mulder to "get some sleep"
  • Paper Hearts - "Why don't you go home and get some sleep" by Scully
  • Detour - "You sleep, Mulder" by Scully.
  • Folie A Deux - "Sleep tight" by the evil nurse.
  • Triangle - told "get some rest, Mulder" by Skinner.
  • Biogenesis - told "you should be home in bed" by Scully
  • The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati - "Rest now" by Cancenman
  • Closure - "go get some sleep" by Scully
    (Season 1: 1 / Season 2: 4 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 2 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 2 / Season 7: 2)
  • Writer Vince Gilligan somehow references his girlfriend, Holly Rice, in his nearly all of his episodes

  • Pusher - The secretary who beats up on Skinner is named Holly.
  • Paper Hearts - Mulder finds Roche's old car in Hollyville, Delaware.
  • Unusual Suspects - When Suzanne first meets Byers, she tells him her name is Holly (like the sugar -- which also bore the name Holly).
  • Bad Blood - Sheriff Hartwell is named for Vince Gilligan's girlfriend, whose middle name is Hartwell.
  • Folie a Deux - The agent in charge of the hostage situation is named Agent Rice.
  • Drive - The gas station where Mulder hijacks the station wagon is named "Holly's"
  • Tithonus - One of Fellig's pseudonyms was "L.H.Rice". This name was an homage to (Lucy) "Holly" Hartwell Rice. One of Fellig's press passes also bore Holly Rice's birthday, April 4th.
  • Monday - The Cradock Marine Bank is named for a suburb of Portsmouth, Virginia where Holly grew up, and Holly's mother's maiden name is Bernard (the name of the man who tries to hold-up the bank).
  • Hungry - The manager of the fast-food store is named Mr. Rice. Another employee is named Lucy, which is Holly's real first name.
  • Millennium - much of the episode takes place in Rice County, Maryland, and the institution where Frank stays is the Hartwell Psychiatric Hospital in Virginia -- Vince's home state (Hartwell is Holly's middle name).
  • X-Cops - The police first find Mulder and Scully on Holly Street.
  • Je Souhaite - the death of one of the Jinni's former "owners" was on April 4th, which is Holly's birthday.
  • John Doe - The American banker laundering money for the cartel was named "Hollis Rice".
  • !! NEW !!Sunshine Days - The date mentioned on the videotape is April 4th, 1970. Holly's Birthday is April 4th.

  • (Season 1: 0 / Season 2: 0 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 1 / Season 5: 3 / Season 6: 3 / Season 7: 4 / Season 8: 0 / Season 9: 2)

    Mulder and/or Scully in the teaser
    We so rarely see Mulder or Scully before the opening credits, so you know that when they are there we are in for something special

    Beyond the Sea
    Little Green Men (Mulder voiceover)
    One Breath
    The Blessing Way
    The Field Where I Died
    Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (voiceovers)
    Paper Hearts
    Memento Mori
    Redux II
    Christmas Carol
    Patient X (Mulder voiceover)
    Bad Blood
    The Pine Bluff Variant
    Dreamland I
    Dreamland II (young Mulder)
    How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
    One Son (Mulder voiceover)
    Biogenesis (Scully voiceover)
    The Sixth Extinction
    The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
    Closure (Mulder voiceover)
    All Things
    Hollywood A.D.
    Without (Scully voiceover)
    Essense (Mulder voiceover)
    (Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 4 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 9 / Season 5: 7 / Season 6: 7 / Season 7: 5 / Season 8: 3)

    The Big Blunders...
    note: Adding this list kinda breaks my heart. It has been requested by various people down through the seasons, and I've always avoided adding it here -- partially because some blunders are open to interpretation (especially with the now-muddled mythology), but mostly because I like to keep a positive feel to my website, and this one is pretty negative. However, comments made by the powers-that-be during Season 8 made me feel that maybe this list does need to be available for all to see -- maybe those guys need to be reminded that we do indeed keep up with this stuff. I'm not aiming to list every nitpick, just what I consider to be the "big blunders" and inconsistencies between episodes and plot points.

    Where Scully's cross necklace came from:
  • Original: "Ascension" - given to her on her 15th birthday
  • Blunder: "Christmas Carol" - given to her at Christmas
  • Attempt at Explanation: maybe she broke one, and was given another?
  • Truth: The writers knew that they were messing up the history when they changed the cross-backstory, but thought it was "too good of an opportunity to pass up". I personally wish that they had passed.
    How long was Scully missing during her abduction:
  • Original: "Duane Barry"/"One Breath" - Abducted in August, returned in November
  • Blunder: "Emily" - missing for 4 weeks!
  • Attempt at Explanation: Perhaps her file said that she was only missing for 4 weeks because she had 2 months vacation saved up???
  • Mulder's regression on 6/16/1989:
  • Original: "Conduit" - audiotape contains Mulder speaking about being in bed - only able to hear Samantha call his name, he cannot see her
  • Blunder: "Closure" - videotape contains Mulder describing the abduction as first seen in "Little Green Men"
  • Attempt at Explanation: I was willing to believe that using different regression techniques might provide different answers, and was always willing to believe that the scenes from "Little Green Men" were more accurate than those from "Conduit" - coming from a Mulder who had recovered more of his memories with time than the one on the audiotape from 1989, but "Closure" attempted to "do-over" what had occurred in "Conduit", which I think is sloppy storytelling.
  • Was Samantha alive:
  • Original: "End Game" - bounty hunter tells Mulder she is alive, female clones say that they know so much about her because they know where she is.
  • Original: "The Blessing Way" - Bill Mulder's "spirit" tells Mulder that Sam is not dead.
  • Original: "Paper Clip" - there is a recent tissue sample in Samantha's file.
  • Original: "Two Fathers" - Cassandra tells Mulder that Samantha did not visit Mulder in "Redux II", that the "real" Samantha is with "the aliens".
  • Blunder: "Closure" - shows the "ghost" of Samantha, who has been dead since she was 14.
  • Attempt at Explanation: I realize that some of these -- particularly the Cassandra & bounty hunter ones, could have easily been them lying or simply not knowing the truth. But the tissue sample in particular was such a cool plot-point at the time -- seems like such a shame to ruin it all by having her be dead all these years.
  • Dana Scully: the first woman to be pregnant for 12 months
  • Original: "Within/Without" - Mulder's rental car receipts from just before he disappeared are dated in May (and Scully discovered she was pregnant right after his disappearance)
  • Original: "The Gift" - Skinner states that Mulder has been missing since "last May"
  • Blunder: "Redrum" - Date-stamps galore place this episode in December (thus Scully, who conceived in May at the latest, is seven months pregnant and not showing during this episode)
  • Blunder: "Medusa" - getting home to watch "Survivor II" is mentioned -- episodes of "Survivor II" started airing in February -- which makes her 9 months pregnant and still not showing in this episode.
  • Attempt at Explanation: Alien babies have a 12 month gestation period? All kidding aside, there really is no explanation for this one -- the guys at 1013 just hope we won't notice.
  • Mulder in Jeopardy, with Scully to the rescue:

    Deep Throat
    The Jersey Devil
    Ghost in the Machine
    Erlenmeyer Flask
    Little Green Men
    Red Museum
    Excelsius Dei
    Colony/End Game
    Dod Kalm (kinda)
    Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
    731 (over the phone)
    Teliko (cool drool!)
    Kill Switch
    Bad Blood
    Folie A Deux
    The Sixth Extinction parts I & II
    Signs & Wonders
    First Person Shooter
    (Season 1: 5 / Season 2: 7 / Season 3: 3 / Season 4: 3 / Season 5: 5 / Season 6: 1 / Season 7: 4)

    Scully in Jeopardy, with Mulder to the rescue:

    Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath
    Firewalker (but she handles it herself)
    End Game
    Our Town
    Blessing Way/Paper Clip (but Skinner would never hurt her, right?)
    Wet Wired
    Memento Mori (well, he sends Byers)
    Redux II
    The Movie (in a big way)
    Milagro (although he doesn't make it in time)
    Orison (but she handled it herself)
    Signs & Wonders
    (Season 1: 4 / Season 2: 5 / Season 3: 2 / Season 4: 2 / Season 5: 1 / Season 6: 2 / Season 7: 2)

    Tag Line Changes
    Every so often the line 'The Truth Is Out There' during the opening theme is changed. Here are the changes so far:

    The Erlenmeyer Flask - Trust No One
    Ascension - Deny Everything
    Anasazi - EL 'AANIGOO 'AHOOT'E
    731 - Apology is Policy
    Herrenvolk - Everything Dies
    Teliko - Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate
    Terma - E Pur Si Muove
    Gethsemane - Believe the Lie
    Redux - All Lies Lead to the Truth
    The Red and the Black - Resist or Serve
    The End - The End
    The Unnatural - In the Big Inning
    The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati - Amor Fati
    Closure - Believe to Understand
    Nothing Important Happened Today Part 2 - Nothing Important Happened Today
    4-D -
    Trust No 1 - They're Watching
    !! NEW !!Improbable - Dio Ti Ama
    (Season 1: 1 / Season 2: 2 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 4 / Season 5: 3 / Season 6: 2 / Season 7: 2 / Season 8: 0 / Season 9: 4)
    (Please see the season-based in-jokes pages by episode title for further information/definitions on the tag line changes.)


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