Comic Strips
  • Robotman - The X-Files have been featured in three hysterical series of strips in Robotman.
    Mulder and Scully with Robotman
  • Robotman meets the X-Files
    The first set of strips (running 6/19/95 through 7/14/95) have Mulder & Scully investigating Robotman, who is a suspect the disappearance of various cartoon-strip characters down through the years.
  • Robotman meets the X-Files II
    In the second set (running 1/22/96 through 2/1/96), Robotman & Mr. Montague turn to Mulder & Scully when they believe they were abducted by aliens.
  • Robotman meets the X-Files III
    The third set (running 7/1/96 through 7/13/96 -- many thanks to Jennifer Aiello for mailing these!) involves Mulder & Scully discovering a plot in which Mr. Montague was for a secret government project in an attempt to turn Robotman into a killing machine. As the story progresses, we get the "required gross-out autopsy scene" which has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the strip, and the "heightened sexual tension" scene which is "good for ratings". In the end nothing conclusive is proved (as usual).
  • Robotman - 10/07/1999
    In this new, stand-alone Robotman comic, Mr. Montague has a "flashback".

  • FoxTrot -
  • FoxTrot X-Files Cartoons (Series)
    The X-Files stories in this strip revolve around young Jason Fox's desire to be a Federal Agent in the X-Files Division, just like Mulder.
  • Foxtrot - Paige's aliens
    In a strip from some time in 1998, Jason's sister Paige sees something that Jason believes is a UFO. Jason alerts the media, and in this strip Paige gets some e-mails and an invitation to chat from "FMULDER@FBI.GOV".
  • !! UPDATE !!Foxtrot - Paige's shades
    Jason's sister Paige finds another way to torment her little brother and his X-Files obsession.
  • !! NEW !!Foxtrot - Jason's Tape
    Jason has a nervous breakdown when someone records over his X-Files tape (quite understandable, right?)
  • FoxTrot - May 7, 1998
    In this highly truthful strip bemoaning the shutting down of fan sites on the internet, we see Jason Fox's web site, complete with disclaimers galore. One frame displays the famous "I Want to Believe" poster from Mulder's office, complete with the line "The audio file now playing consists of a random stream of zeros and ones. Any resemblance to "The X-Files" theme music is entirely coincidental."
  • FoxTrot & the X-Files Movie (6/15/1998 through 6/20/1998)
    To commemorate the opening of the X-Files movie, Foxtrot ran a week-long, hysterical series on Jason's attempt to see the movie.
  • FoxTrot - 7/12/1998
    The X-Files is mentioned in yet another strip -- this time bemoaning summer reruns.
  • Foxtrot 1/3/1999
    In a strip from a few years ago, Jason is playing with his Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Klingon toys. The space station and a Klingon bird of prey crash into each other and end up visiting 20th century Earth. His Sisko, Odo and Klingon dolls are confronted by a toy car containing dolls of Scully and Mulder, who squeals, "The Truth Is Here!" (The Mulder doll is even holding a tiny little cell phone!) The strip ends with the little boy's friend suggesting that Mulder drive the car from "Knight Rider." The strip was re-run 1/3/1999.
  • Foxtrot 11/08/1999
    In a strip that coinsided with the late premiere of the X-Files in season seven, Jason is seen celebrating the new "X-Files Fall (barely) Season".
  • Foxtrot 02/23/2000
    In a strip that ran on February 23, 2000 (Scully's birthday), Jason has turned into a miniature version of his older sister, Paige, in his dreams. He rationalizes this in the most X-Files way possible.
  • In a strip from quite a few years ago, we see Jason sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn. The following exchange takes place with his mother (who is folding laundry):
    - Jason: I'm telling you mom, "The X-Files" is the coolest show on TV. Not just once in a while either. Every episode is cool, start finish. Totally. Fully. Big-time. And *I* know cool.
    - Jason's Mom (Andy): Are these Lt. Worf underpants of yours?
  • In another strip from a few years ago, Peter (Jason's older brother) hands his blind girlfriend, Denise, an electronic birthday card: - Peter: Happy birthday, Denise.
    - Denise: Peter, what's this?
    - Peter: (grinning) It's one of those cards that lets you record a voice message.
    - Denise: Ooo - something romantic and mushy, I hope.
    - Card says: Roses are red, violets are blue, monkeys have armpits that smell better than you! "The X-Files" rules!!!
    - Peter: (drooping) Maybe I should get one of these for Jason's upcoming funeral.
    - Denise: Gosh, the things I miss as an only child...

  • Ziggy -
  • Ziggy - Scully & Mulder
    In the Ziggy cartoon from October 25, 1998, Two aliens have just gotten off of their ship and have approached Ziggy and his dog. They say to him "Take us to Scully and Mulder".
  • !! NEW !!Tales from the Z Files
    Ziggy finds something unusual in his garden.
  • !! NEW !!Ziggy's TV
    In another Ziggy cartoon (date unknown), Ziggy's television feels the effects of the X-Files!
  • !! NEW !!Ziggy's News
    In yet another Ziggy cartoon (date unknown), Ziggy's normal life is again invaded by X-Files!

  • Big Nate - In this strip, Nate wants to buy an X-Files mousepad. The only problem is, they don't have a computer! Big Nate - 8/25/98
  • Bound & Gagged - this strip provides us with our first glimpse of the X-Files movie sequel - "The Y Files".
  • Capital Q - this is a clipping from a Sydney gay newspaper (Capital Q) from early 1997 or 1998. Capital Q cartoon
  • Duplex - in this strip, Eno and Fang are watching the X-Files on television. On the show, Scully asks Mulder why he looks confused, to which Mulder replies "Look at this book I found, Scully: 'Men Are From Mars... Women Are From Venus'? Sounds like an X-Files to me! Let's go!". Fang remarks that the writers are running out of ideas, to which Eno promptly shushes him.
  • Forges Comic - This comic is from the Spanish newspaper El País. The artist, Forges, is a regular contributor to the paper and usually writes about a hot new or satirical joke. Here is the translated dialogue:
    - "We are getting to such a stage that for a whole society the only Utopia is those ones in "The X-Files" getting married"
    - "And Catholicly, I'd add"
    Forges Comic Link.
  • Inside Stuff - Sometime in 1997 (we think), the magazine Inside Stuff ran a cartoon of Mulder, Scully, and Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman was at center spiining a basketball, sitting on a dark green motorcycle with a pink feather boa, frosty make-up, black fingernails, pink-dyed hair with black spots, big, gaudy earrings, tattoos, and his red Chicago Bulls uniform. Scully and Mulder were to his left. Scully says, "This one must be an alien Mulder.", to which Mulder replies, "No, Scully - even aliens wouldn’t dress like that."
  • Log Tunes - in the June 2000 issue of StarLog magazine there was a series of strips involving Mulder & Scully, bees, Chris Carter & his story ideas, and "reasonable explanations". See the strip here.
  • Luann April 2, 1998 - after avoiding the advances of geeky friend Gunther, Luann finds out that Gunther was really heart-throb Aaron Hill in disguise. After removing his mask, Luann is more interested in the deception than the lesson he was trying to teach her. She exclaims that "This is way cooler than the X-Files!" Luann - 4/2/1998.
  • Luann July 13, 1998 - after Aaron agrees to go to out with Luann, she feels invincible -- imagining all of the cute guys who might agree to go out with her. She imagines that David Duchovny would also agree, with a "Well, I just got married, but... okay!".Luann - 7/13/1998.
  • !! NEW !!Marvin - Marvin's parents have been watching too much X-Files. Marvin Strip
  • Mother Goose & Grimm - August 3, 1998 - now even comic strips are jumping on the Mulder-porn bandwagon! Mother Goose & Grimm - 8/3.
  • Nancy - in this strip from August 21, 1996, Nancy ponders the believability of an X-Files plot. Nancy - 08/21.
  • The New Yorker - in an issue published shortly after season four's cliffhanger "Gethsemane" (where Scully reports Mulder's death), the New Yorker ran a cartoon that displayed a deeply depressed man lying on a psychiatrist's couch. The psychiatrist is telling him "I see no problem with a limited period of grief, as long as you keep in mind that Agent Mulder was a fictional character".
  • This Modern World - in this Tom Tomorrow cartoon, Mulder & Scully discuss the Lewinsky/Clinton scandal. Mulder suggests that perhaps Monica Lewinsky was "kidnapped by aliens and implanted with false memories in an insidious attempt to destabalize the government". He also suggests that she had an affair with "Clinton's evil antimatter twin in a parallel universe". He then adds that maybe she's "a treacherous shape-shifting android built in a secret lab by scientists working for a nefarious conspiracy". Scully then responds "Or maybe the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth simply doesn't have enough sense to keep his pants zipped." -- to which Mulder replies "Now that's a frightening thought."
  • Shoe - in this strip from 01/16/2000, we see a "typical" X-Files episode. Shoe - 1/16/2000
  • Sluggy Freelance - This on-line comic did an X-Files strip from March 1, 1998 through March 22, 1998 involving "Muldy & Kruller" investigating one of the main characters, Torg, and his secretary (who is an alien). Sluggy Freelance 03/01/1998 -- you can follow the calendar to read the rest of the strip.
  • This Modern World - (May 26, 1998) - in a strip concerning what political cartoonists will satirize about the summer movies, Tom Tomorrow presents us with the idea that cartoonists will portray Ken Starr as Mulder and Linda Tripp as Scully, who work together to investigate the sex files. This Modern World - 05/26/1998 Mulder and Scully in the TVG
  • TV Guide - in the September 4-10 edition (Returning Favorites) of the TV Guide, there is a comic called "The NeXt Files" with some interesting suggestions on how the series will end. TV Guide Comic.
  • Unknown - Jennifer Aiello found this strip in a college newspaper and sent it my way. If anyone knows anything about the strip's title, feel free to send it along as well. Unknown strip from 1997.
  • Zits - this comic strip about the life of a teenage boy named Jeremy mentions the X-Files frequently. In one strip, Jeremy's mother walks in to find her son watching television, although they had made an agreement that that he wouldn't watch TV until his homework was done. The following exchange occurs: - Mom (Connie): "Jeremy, I thought we had a policy against watching TV before your homework is finished."
    - Jeremy: "Oh. Well, I’m proposing an amendment to the policy... I think there should be exceptions allowed, such as when a new X-Files episode is on."
    - Mom: "Ah! So, in other words, the policy should stand except when you find it inconvenient! Brilliant!"
    - Jeremy: "Thanks, Mom, I knew you would understand."
    - Mom: "THAT WAS SARCASM!"
  • Zits - a new (Summer 1999) comic about X-Files reruns. As the characters tell each other what is about to happen in the next scene, another member comments on how glad he will be when the summer reruns are over. Zits - 6/23/1999.
  • Zits - This comic demonstrates what goes on in my house exactly -- when the X-Files is on, silence in mandatory! Zits.
  • Comic Books
  • The Tick - The Tick and Agent Scullery investigate a "T-File" in Issue #8 of "The Tick - Karma Tornado" (published by New England comics). The motto of the mini-comic is "The Truth is Out There... So Don't Open The Front Door." Special thanks goes to Karen Shimizu for sending the following scans:
    The Tick Files - Page 1
    The Tick Files - Page 2
    The Tick Files - Page 3
    The Tick Files - Page 4
    Cover - The Tick - Karma Tornado
  • Soul searchers & Company - issue #14, by Peter David, contains an X-Files parody in which Mulder & Scully counterparts join the soulsearchers (comedic psychic detectives) to track down abducted actors from the Star Trek series.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - the Super Sonic Special #7 "Parallel Paradigm" was an Sonic the Hedgehog/Image Comics/X-Files Crossover. The story begins with Particle (From Image Comics) is telling her story of her trip to Mobius (Sonic's world) to Agents Wolf Sculder and Lana Mully. The issue itself is dedicated to Chris "I Did This" Carter. You can read a synopsis/review of the comic here.
  • Azrael - in an issue of this comic, the main character (Jean-Paul-Valley/Azrael) and Oracle (formerly Batgirl) have a work/love relationship in which they obviously care a great deal about each other, but aren't in a position to do anything about it (sound familiar). In a recent issue, he calls her while someone else in the room is watching the X-Files. Under his speech bubble saying "Oracle?" appears a TV sound bubble saying "I'm Dana Scully. I'm with the FBI..." (possibly to show a correlation between Jean-Paul & Oracle's relationship and that of Mulder & Scully).
  • MORTADELO Y FILEMÓN - an issue of this classic Spanish comic is titled "Expediente J" (in Spain, the X-Files series is titled "Expediente X". In this particular story, the two investigators working for the T.I.A. (a spoof on our C.I.A.) must investigate a case in which the "J" stands for "¡Jo, qué pasada!" (roughly translated: "Gee, how cool!") and is about "flying objects full of viruses from outer space with the purpose of invading us".


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