Advertising David & his Mondeo
  • Ford Mondeo - Aired in most European countries in 1998, this commercial (with a eerie, X-File-ish feel) features someone driving a car who suddenly stops as they get a premonition that something bad will happen. A tree falls into the road where the car would have been had it kept going. The driver leaves the car, and we find that the driver is... David Duchovny (perhaps as Fox Mulder).
  • Digital Satellite TV - Aired in Finland in 1997, Gillian Anderson (perhaps as Dana Scully) did a commercial for Digital Satellite TV. The commercial played off of her sci-fi affiliation, and after calling digital tv an "unusual phenomenon", she later explains, with a Scully-like knowing look, that most phenomenons can be explained.
  • King of the Hill - in preparation for the show's move from Sunday night to Tuesday night during the summer of 1998, Fox began running commercials claiming that they wanted to move "The King of the Hill" to LA -- against Hank Hill's protests. Aside from being a possible reference to the X-Files filming moving from Vancouver to LA, the funniest part of this campaign involved a short promo with Hank calling in to the Fox offices to complain about the move. As he is connected with Fox, Hank says "Hello? My name is Ha... (pause) David Duchovny". AustrALIAN
  • Lift - aired in Australia, this series of X-Files themed 1999 "Lift" commercials (Lift is a Sprite-like drink) involves David Duchovny/Mulder attempting to investigate a variety of unexplained phenomenon (namely Big Foot and a "Close Encounters"-type song). When he takes a drink of Lift, suddenly the answers are revealed to him. The funniest part (in my humble opinion) is when he circles the "alian" in "Australian".
  • Franklins - in July 1998, this Australian chain of supermarkets began a promotional campaign using the slogan "The Franklins Files: The Freshness is Out There". They have an "F Files" logo that bears a striking resemblance to the X-Files logo, as well as catch phrases like "Paranormal Prices", "The Fresh Food Conspiracy", and "The Fruit is Out There". They have even done their own versions of X-Files season one promo stills - including a picture of a Mulder-look alike staring up at a mandarin. - July 1998
  • Milky Way - in 1997 Milky Way commercials, we see two 'investigators', one a believer and one a skeptic, searching for the link between Milky Way candy bars and people who are almost comatose with happiness (there is always an empty Milky Way wrapper nearby). Even TV Guide noticed the similarity, mentioning it in their 'Cheers and Jeers' section after one of the commercials aired during an X-Files episode's commercial break. M&M Crispy
  • M&M's - To promote their new "Crispy" M&M, there is a 1999 promotional campaign on the internet involving the Blue and Green M&M characters as Mulder & Scully - investigating "The M Files". See the campaign for yourself at (Yellow denies all knowledge).
  • Men in Black - in a commercial for the WB cartoon series, Agent J is in a dream sequence as Ed's personal secretary. It begins with Agent J typing into a not-so-normal computer: "The truth is ou" The statement is never finished.
  • Pokémon - in a commercial for this cartoon series (airing on the WB Network), someone was leaving the show. The X-Files spoofed music (from another WB animated series, "Detention") plays and "Detention"-character Emitt pipes up saying, “I heard they were abducted by aliens".
  • Jews for Jesus - in July 1998, this San Francisco based group used the Mulder & Scully characters in a cartoon on their informational pamphlets. Jews for Jesus have begun using pop-culture icons to promote their religion. - July 1998
  • Daffy's - in 1998 a Daffy's retail store set up a display window at the front of their store containing a mannequin dressed in a suit and brown wig (Mulder), another in a suit dress and red wig (Scully) holding a saw -- about to start an autopsy, a large pile of bones, and one last mannequin suspended in the air as if floating away (Samantha). Autopsies in their display windows? What other show would inspire such?
  • Magazines/Newspapers
  • The New Yorker - the December 16th (1996) edition of the New Yorker had very humorous article titled "The Xmas Files" where Mulder and Scully investigated reports of Santa Claus. The interchanges between Mulder and Scully were *very* in-character.
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction - the October-November (1997) edition printed a Stephen King story entitled "Everything's Eventual". The character in it wonders "I thought I might meet some other people like me--if this was a book or a movie (or maybe just an episode of The X-Files), I would meet a cute chick with nifty little tits and the ability to shut down doors from across the room--but that didn't happen."
  • Mad Magazine - Mad has published two issues with X-Files covers. The first one is a very funny parody called "The Ecch Files" (May 1995). The other issue contains "The Real Reasons Why the X-Files is Totally Unbelievable" (June 1997). The May 1998 issue (Titanic Cover) contains a spoof called "The Generation-X Files", where Mulder & Scully investigate why America's young adults experience such angst and malaise.
  • Cracked Magazine - not to be left out, Cracked magazine has also published two X-Files issues, both parodies. The first is called "The Yechh's Files" (Spring 1996), the other, entitled "The Ecchhh Files" (August 1997) is a parody of "Quagmire".
  • Star Log - in the June 2000 issue of StarLog magazine there was a series of strips involving Mulder & Scully, bees, Chris Carter & his story ideas, and "reasonable explanations". See the strip here.
  • Dave Barry (the Miami Herald) - in one of Dave Barry's great humor columns, he comments on gravity and odd things that have fallen from the sky. He reports that he read an article about a woman who was working in her garden when it began raining tomatoes. Barry called her to ask whether or not anyone had determined how this had happened, and when she reported that it remained a mystery, he asked her if she had contacted anyone at the X-Files. Barry goes on to describe what a great X-Files episode this might be, including a scene where Mulder and Scully are stalked by "a mutant zucchini the size of Shaquille O'Neal".
  • Dave Barry (the Miami Herald) - in Dave Barry's column published Thursday, February 10, 2000, Barry offers up an imaginary game of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?". The piece includes a contestant using one of his "lifelines" to call his mother, who admonishes her son with "You call your mother DURING THE X-FILES?? (click)" See the column here
  • El Pais - Spain newspaper - commemorating the anniversary of Elvis's death, the newspaper published a parody-article with Mulder & Scully searching for him.


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