• Blast from the Past - 1999 Movie - the main character (who has lived his entire life until now in a bomb shelter) is described as being "like from the X-Files" from the roommate of another of the main characters.
  • Can't Hardly Wait - 1998 Summer Movie - among the kids is a group of 3 geeks, two of whom have t-shirts saying "The Truth is Out There" and "Trust No One". They tell one of their friends that he "looks like David Duchovny from this angle", and remind him to "Trust no one". In the credits, the two kids with the X-Files shirts are listed as X-Files#1 and X-Files #2.
  • Crackers - 1998 Comedy - A boy named Joey describes his mother's new boyfriend as a "sex crazed maniac from The X-Files."
  • Drive Me Crazy - 1999 Teen Fall Movie - during a scene with a group of kids in an "Astro Burger" restaurant, a guys asks something like "Would you rather be (or possibly "Who would you rather do"), Gillian Anderson or Dana Scully?", and something along the lines of "A paranoid FBI agent with 7 years of unreleased sexual tension." They also discussed one of their friends with his own X-Files web site.
  • Dudley Do-Right - 1999 Summer movie - In the movie Dudley Do-Right, Dudley signs his initials (DD) (with a machine gun) after stealing some gold. The villian (Snidely) asks who could have done this and his assistants give suggestions. The 3rd or 4th is David Duchovny. After Snidely tells them who did it he walks off, muttering disgustedly, "David Duchovny!" (sent by RachelKily to the PA X-Files Page)
  • Final Destination - in this movie by former X-Files writers Glen Morgan and James Wong, not only is there a character named "Carter" (who many assume to be named for X-Files creator Chris Carter), there is also a reference, as follows:
    I didn't see what you saw, but I felt it Okay, I'm not into all that X-Files bullshit... but it was a psychic connection. Why to me? Why to you?
  • Independence Day - Fox - 1996 summer blockbuster - A cable company employee admits into the telephone that he likes the X-Files too. (It has also been reported that Will Smith's jet fighter was number 1121).
  • I've Been Waiting for You - Made-for-TV-Movie - When two girls are in a rather scary situation, one turns to the other and says (in a Valley Girlish voice) "This is so like the X-Files".
  • Jingle All The Way - Arnold Schwarzenagger is involved in a brawl in a toy store for the Turboman toys, so he goes riffling through the toy FBI badges and turns around to the police with his fake badge and says "Agent Fox Mulder", after which all the policemen straighten in respect.
  • Life - 1999 Eddie Murphy - during the first scene at the prison cemetary, two inmates are digging graves while an older inmate looks on from a wheelchair. One of the diggers comments on the corpses he is burying: "Burned Bodies. Mysterious cause. Sounds like something from The X-Files".
  • Shadow Zone - Hallmark Made-for-TV movie - as the kids enter a creepy house, one of them says "This looks like something from the X-Files".
  • Small Soldiers - 1998 Summer Movie - during a conversation between the kids, the boy says "I'm more of an X-Files kinda guy", to which the girl replies "The truth is out there". South Park Pie Chart
  • Species 2 - Two characters are telling a general about how astronauts brought an alien substance back from a trip to mars. The general exclaims: "This isn't the f**ing X-Files!!"
  • South Park - Bigger, Longer, and Uncut - 1999 Summer Movie - When the UN representatives are looking at how badly the TV show Terrence and Phillip have messed up the youth of America, the Canadian representative defends the show, saying that it is a major contributor to Canada's economy. He displays a pie chart listing Canada's industry -- and one of the pie pieces is labeled "X-Files Filming".
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  • Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood - Fox - Summer Movie - Dennis Miller creates a new word: "Duchovnyian".
  • Computer Games
  • The X-Fools - Parroty Interactive's X-Files parody game. The game is full of inside references, fractured X-Files phrases, and other assorted silliness.
  • Worms: Reinforcements - from Game Revolution - On one level names of the opponents are Scully, Skinner, Krycek and Cancer Man
  • Pyst - in this spoof of "Myst" (brought to you by Parroty Interactive -- makers of "The X-Fools" mentioned above) there is a postcard of a spaceship. The flip side of one postcard is addressed to "Agent Skully" from "Agent Molder".
  • Heroes of Might & Magic II - players can enter the tavern to get advice. One of the gems of wisdom: "The Truth is Out There"
  • Fallout - players can happen upon an alien spaceship, and the character says "The truth is really out there!"
  • Douglas Adams Starship Titanic - players can ask the various robots on the ship any question, and when asked about the X-Files, here is what they respond:
    - DoorBot (the butler) - "You'll find that the television is just a phase that all planets go through."
    - DeskBot (the secretary) - "I never was a great fan."
    - BellBot (the bellboy) - "So you've got X-Files too, eh? Best office supplies store in the whole universe."
  • Blood 2 - On one of the upper levels an "I Want to Believe" poster that matches Mulder's exactly can be found hanging on the wall (kind-of hidden in a corner)
  • Discworld Noir - in the game you talk with a conspiracy freak who ends his long, seemingly X-files inspired, speech with the words "The truth is out there!"
  • Miscellaneous
  • Album Titles
  • Shortly after the X-Files album, Songs in the Key of X was released, a Simpsons album titled Songs in the Key of Springfield came out.
  • Imani Coppola named her debut album "Chupacabra" after the "alien" in "El Mundo Gira". She throught that the word meant "alien", and was dismayed when she discovered that it really meant "Goat Sucker".
  • The German CD from Oliver Kalkofe is titled "Hotte X - Die unheimlichen Märchen des Horst Horstmann". Kalkofe is a German TV-critic with his own TV Show. The story on the CD is that Mulder is searching for Santa Claus. The Scully character is voiced by Franziska Pigulla (who is the dubbed voice of Scully on German television). Mulder isn't there, and Horstmann is Scully's new "partner". View the CD cover and back here.
  • Band Names - the band Eve6 named themselves for one of the troublesome Eves from the X-Files episode "Eve". Eve6 is the Eve that Mulder & Scully find in the mental institution. 1
  • Television Show Names - the trend in television today is to take anything "odd" and call it "The (insert word here) Files". Fox (in the ultimate display of self-referencing) has a new news show (Summer 1998) titled "The Fox Files". The Discovery Channel aired a show called "The Extinction Files". The X-Files logo is also a popular thing to use. Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" used it on their "Weirder than Whitney" episode (using the "W" instead of an "X").
  • Weddings?!? - In June 1998, David's Bridal (the nation's largest bridal retailer) reported a huge surge in theme weddings. An X-Files theme wedding includes a "Scully-bob" hairdo and a tailored wedding dress that is consistent with Scully's wardrobe. The bride, groom, and wedding party all wear FBI badges. (note from the webmaster -- no, I'm not making any of this up)
  • Plays
  • In at least one current version of the play Godspell, the X-Files music plays while they are chanting, and one of the lines spoken in the play is something like "What he really means is 'Trust No One', and 'The Truth is Out There'.
  • In the play "The Mystery of Irma Vep", at the beginning of the second act, when everything was dark and somewhat spooky, the X-Files theme music plays (and according to "Cornflake Girl", who sent in this information, there were a few cheers from the audience in response to the music).
  • Christmas Cards! - The cover of this Christmas Card (which I believe premiered in the Christmas of 1999, but I could be wrong), depicts Mulder & Scully investigating footprints leading from the chimney to a Christmas tree. Christmas Card X-Files Valentines Day Card
  • Valentines Day Cards! - The cover of this card depicts Mulder & Scully talking about a "flying baby with an arrow" making people fall in love. At the bottom it reads "The XO XO Files" Valentine's Day Card
  • Comedy Routines - Jasper Carrott, an English comedian, is known to say the following in his routine: "The only mystery about The X-Files is when is Mulder going to get his leg over Scully? That's the only reason I watch."
  • Presidential Birthday Parties? - a 1999 issues of Time reports: "The President, through it all, remained detached, celebrating Chief of Staff John Podesta's 50th birthday Friday night by performing an "X-Files" skit with Hilary and showing a video of the actual cast singing "Happy Birthday, Skippy."
  • Radio Spots - Some radio stations in the UK and Australia play a daily parody called "The X-Fools". The main characters and "Smulder and Sulky", and the show references many things common to The X-Files, such as Smulder's penchant for porn. Other characters include "Director Skinhead" and the evil "Dancerman" (who frequently breaks into song).
  • Parodies - at Stuffed Moose Audio you can find "The X-Mas Files: A Paranormal Parody". Agents Muddled and Sullen investigate Santa Claus in two stories ("Sacked" and Oooops!"), which are available on cassette. The stories contain lots of more subtle X-Files references, such as the familiar phrases "10 . . . 13" and "I made this." There's also a Christmasy X-Files theme, a "Melissa Sullen," an "Agent Phil Muddled," a "B.S. Skinner," the cleaning staff of the FBI Headquarters as the Syndicate, "Scrooge" as Muddled's confidant, "Deep Pockets" as Muddled's tipster, Agent Muddled's obsession with batteries, an "Alexia Krycek" as a scared victim, the "Caretaker" who eats Marley candies, and a "Chris Cringle" who created the show "Strange Things."
  • Commercial Web Pages - After 'Redux II' aired, many X-Philes rushed to their computers in an attempt to discover the meaning behind the name "Roush". To everyone's surprise, the address takes web-surfers to the Pillsbury Home page. A few days after 'Redux II', the front page of the site was changed. Pillsbury put up a new front page with an X-Files-ish font that read "Believe the Pie" (a take off on X-Files phrase "Believe the Lie")! The page has since been changed back to its original look -- but it was funny while it lasted.


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