The time has finally come -- this section had gotten WAAYYY too big to be on one page, so I've broken it into sub-sections (and tried to give it a new look for 2000).

I guess one knows that his/her favorite show has become part of main-stream culture when it starts being referenced by other shows. This is a list of other shows/movies/etc. that mention/reference the X-Files - and in doing so make that X-Files reference an inside-joke within their own show.

You know the drill -- you can navigate from the menu above, or follow these links:

Television Listings of televisions shows that have somehow referenced or refered to the X-Files.
Songs Songs that mention (or were written in tribute to) the X-Files, Mulder, Scully, David Duchovny, or Gillian Anderson.
Books Famous and not-so-famous authors alike have taken to using the X-Files as a pop-culture reference for anything weird and unexplained. See the list that we have uncovered so far.
!! UPDATE !!Comic Strips & Comic Books (my personal favorite) Contains many links to comic strips that reference the X-Files.
Movies & Miscellaneous X-Files mentions in movies, computer games, holiday cards, and many other places you never would have thought of.
Advertising, Magazines, & Newspapers Weird advertising campaigns, and publications such as Mad Magazine and Dave Barry's column.

Author's note: I know that there are probably many more, particularly from shows that air outside of the US. As always, I am open to updates and corrections. Please send updates to my e-mail address at the bottom of this page.



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