• Sheryl Crow - "A Change" - Sheryl Crow (an admitted X-Phile) mentions Scully in a line from her song "A Change": "Scully and angel on the kitchen floor/ and I'm callin' Buddy on the Ouija board..."
  • House of Pain - "X-Files" House of Pain's 1996 album titled "Truth Crushed to Earth Will Rise Again" contains a song titled "X-Files". The rap song itself seems to mostly be made up of lines from various other songs, and doesn't really have much to do with the television show. David Duchvony sings with the Barenaked Ladies
  • Barenaked Ladies - "One Week" - the song titled "One Week" (from the album "Stunt") includes the lyrics: Watchin the X-Files with no lights on
    we're dans la maison
    I hope the smoking man's in this one
    Like Harrison Ford I'm getting Frantic
    Like Sting I'm tantric
    Like Snickers... guaranteed to satisfy
    Photo courtesy of Haven for the FBI's most Unwanted
  • Bree Sharp - David Duchovny - singer/songwriter wrote about her obsession with David in her song titled "David Duchovny".

    It's Sunday night; I am curled up in my room
    The tv light fills my heart like a balloon
    I hold it in as best I can; I know I'm just another fan,
    But I can't help feeling I could love this secret agent man.....
    And I can't wait any more for him to discover me,
    I got it bad for David Duchovny
    David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
    why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

    My friends all tell me, "Girl you know it's just a show,"
    but deep within his eyes I see me wrapped up like a bow,
    Watching the sky for a sign, the FBI's on my mind,
    I'm waiting for the day when my lucky stars align
    In the form of David Duchovny, floating above me,
    in the alien light of the spaceship of love, oh,
    David Duchovny, hovering above me,
    American Heathcliff, brooding and comely,
    David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
    why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

    So smooth and so smart, he's abducted my heart,
    and I'm falling apart from the looks I've
    received from those eyes;
    I can't believe, well you can say I'm naive,
    but he told me to believe......


    My bags are packed, I am ready for my flight,
    Gonna put an end to my daydream days and sleepless nights,
    Sitting like a mindless clone, wishing he would tap my phone,
    Just to hear the breath of the man, the myth, the monotone...
    And I would say
    David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
    why won't you love me, why won't you love me?
    David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
    why won't you love me, why won't you love me? Group participation in the David Duchovny video

    David Duchovny, I want you to love me,
    to kiss and to hug me, debrief and debug me,
    David Duchovny, I know you could love me,
    I'm sweet and I'm cuddly,
    I'm gonna kill Scully!
    David Duchovny, why won't you love me,
    why won't you love me, why won't you love me?

    Charles Forsch, assistant to Chris Carter, along with another assistant, Will Shivers, created a video for the song including clips of David and "on-the-fly" footage of celebrities (including Brad Pitt, Pamela Anderson, and George Clooney) lip synching the lyrics. Don't miss it!!! David Duchovny Video.
  • Abduction - "I Want You To Love Me Like I'm David Duchovny" - You can check the song out here. The album includes 2 remixes of the song, including the "obsessive se(duc)tive remix" and the "Darling DaviD Dub". Lyrics include: I want you to love me like there's no one above me.
    I want you to love me like I'm David Duchovny.
  • Catatonia - "Mulder and Scully" - A 1998 song by Catatonia, called "Mulder and Scully", contains the lyrics "It's getting strange and I'm starting to worry/ This could be a case for Mulder and Scully" (cute idea, rather poor rhyme scheme). The video contains Mulder & Scully look-alikes as well. Here are the full lyrics I'd rather be liberated, I find myself captivated
    Stop doing what you . . . Keep doing it too . . .
    I'd rather stay bold and lonely, I dream I'm your one and only
    Stop doing what you . . . Keep doing it too . . .

    Things are getting strange, I'm starting to worry
    This could be a case for Mulder and Scully
    Things are getting strange, now I can't sleep alone
    I'd rather be jumping ship, I find myself jumping straight in
    Stop doing what you . . . Keep doing it too . . .

    Forever be dozy and dim, I wake myself thinking of him
    Stop doing what you . . . Keep doing it too . . .

    My bed is made for two and there's nothing I can do
    So tell me something I don't know
    If my head is full of you is there nothing I can do?
    Must we all march in two by two by two?

    Things are getting strange, I'm starting to worry
    This could be a case for Mulder and Scully
    Things are getting strange, now I can't sleep alone
    I'd rather be jumping ship, I find myself jumping straight in
    Stop doing what you . . . Keep doing it too . . .

  • The Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch - in this song from the "Hooray for Boobies" album, the lyrics include ". . . we’ll do it doggy style so we can both watch X Files".
  • Mold - Agent Scully - from the Canadian Band Mold's debut release "Perfect World":

    Agent Scully, can you understand?
    Agent Scully, I want to me your man.
    Agent Scully, I'm trying to get through...
    Agent Scully, what do I have to do?

       I get o so lonely when you're far away
       On my tv tv, you are here with me
       We go searching searching over land and sea
       We will find them someday, someday you and me.

    Agent Scully, I want to have sex with you.
    Agent Scully, I really really do!
    Agent Scully, I want to lick your gun.
    Agent Scully, let's go have some fun.


    Agent Scully, please return my call.
    Agent Scully, it won't take much time at all.
    Agent Scully, you know I will be back...
    Agent Scully, I want to get you in the sack!


    Agent Scully, we're finally alone...
    Agent Scully, please come into my room.
    Agent Scully, look deep into my eyes...
    Agent Scully, I want to kiss you...

    Agent Scully, I thought you were my girl.
    Agent Scully, YOU'RE not from this world!
    Agent Scully, OH NO, THAT'S NOT YOUR HAIR!
    Agent Scully, hey wait, THIS isn't fair...
    You must be one of those aliens resistant to nuclear radiation
    Agent Scully, OH MY GOD, NO, NOT THAT!
    Agent Scully, PLEASE, not the ray gun!
    Agent Scully, I just wanted to have some -- AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

    And the moral of the story is:
    Don't try to have sex with FBI agents who search for UFOs.

  • Yellow Sloth Chicken Broth - Gillian Anderson (I Wanna Be With You) - a punk rock Gillian Song from their CD "Party of Four" (listen to it here):
    I'm in love with a woman who keeps me up sunday nights.
    When she comes on my TV shinning her big flash lights.
    She plays Dana Scully the coolest secret agent yet.
    She never shows any cleaveage except on the internet.
    Wish I was an alien so I could grap her attention
    or some mutant freak a mad genetisist's invention.
    I'd beat that agent Mulder, take you to my cave
    where you could slap your cuffs on me and I would be your slave.

    (chorus) Because I wanna be with you.

    When you get tired of all those hollywood snobs
    a million fragile egos with a million new nose jobs
    I will be here waiting with my heart still yearning
    and I won't even mention a word about "The Turning" .
    Gillian your eyes are so bright you light up the screen
    I'm taking acting lessons rehearsing our first love scene.
    I've got it all scripted out I bought the champagne and the candles
    A menage a trois involving you, me, and Neve Cambell.

  • Turtle Bend - Ode to Gillian - band member Sonic used to know Gillian before her X-Files days and wrote this ode to her. The song is a very good, funky instrumental with no "real" lyrics (although it does contain Gillian's voice sampled in). Listen to it here.
  • Marc Pattison - Out There (tribute to The X-Files) - A song inspired by and containing many sound samples from the show. Listen to the song here.
  • Darkangeles - I Wanna Watch the X-Files in the Rain - from the CD "Raygun". Listen to the song here.
    hey mommy---
    look at the pretty spaceship,

    where are we? mommy?

    i wanna watch the x-files in the rain,
    on a big screen in the back yard,
    with the ten foot speakers,
    and the stereo sound,
    i wanna watch the x-files in the rain,
    so don't you change the channel baby,
    don't you turn the volume down,

    i've been hypnotized
    by your government lies,

    i wanna watch the x-files in the rain . . .

  • Marcus Krause - What About Gillian (Anderson!)? - Listen to it here.
    It's Sunday night in my room
    In the darkness and gloom
    I hear whistles
    And chills run down my spine
    I tune in every week
    It's chemistry that I seek
    Dana Scully makes me feel
    That girl's song was real sharp
    But I know she missed the mark
    She can have her spooky Fox
    But Agent Scully is mine!
    What about Gillian?
    Her love is the real secret agent
    I'll never doubt Gillian
    She's got my heart in a ziplock bag
    I'm lost without Gillian
    Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson
    And if I had her all alone
    I'd whisper that it's scientifically shown
    If she and I were to mate
    Our children's genes would be great
    But if I were in the CIA
    I'd steal a sample of her DNA
    Then I'd make myself a clone-
    A little Dana to call my own
    And she blinds me with science
    And she displays such self-reliance
    And she can still look so alluring
    When she does a post-mortem
    I've been learning how to fake
    To shape shift or somehow break
    Objects with my eyes
    Or even de-materialize
    Cause that way Fox will hunt me down
    And then Scully will come around
    And I'll show her that his mind is weak
    And I've got what her heart seeks
    Angel of reason is subtley teasing,
    and oh-so pleasing! Gillian Anderson!
  • Bellamy Brothers/Buck Owens - "Don't Put Me in the Ex-Files" - apparently, this Country song is about a guy whose wife thinks he has been out all night with a mistress, but he is trying to explain to her what really happened. He claims that he was out drinking with the guys, got very drunk, and started to walk home when he suddenly sees a bright light in front of him. The next thing he knows, there are little green men probing him in "places not proper", and when he wakes up he is on the front lawn with his wife throwing his clothes at him. She doesn't buy it. Apparently there is also a video for this song, complete with MIBs and an alien bountyhunter.
  • dc Talk - "The Truth"The Christian rock group dc Talk recorded a song for the X-Files movie soundtrack, but it was ultimately not used. The song can be found on the dc Talk album "Supernatural". Lyrics to The Truth.
  • Xzibit - "Year 2000" A line from the song includes "The X-Files makes you believe...."
  • Insectah Deck & U-God from Wu Tang - "Semi Automatic" A line from the song includes "Operation rap that bust through to Scully"
  • Sleestack'z - "X-Files" Sleestack's 1996 album titled "Behind the Iron Curtain" contains a song titled "X-Files".


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