• All My Children - soap opera - during a July 1998 episode, a guy that everyone had thought had been dead for 13 years, came back to Pine Valley. Upon seeing this character, another character exclaims "Before Scully and Mulder walk in, would somebody please tell me why everyone is talking to a dead guy??"
  • All My Children - soap opera - during the episode on August 6, 1998, Erica Kane is in an office with 2 men who are speaking of search warrants and such but are leaving her out of the information loop. Frustrated, Erica asks, "Why are you two suddenly acting like Scully and Mulder?", to which one of the men responds: "Because the truth is out there!"
  • Anamaniacs - cartoon - An episode contained a sketch about a chicken pitching show ideas (all chicken related) for a failing network. One of the shows was called "The Eggs Files", with agents "Smulder" and "Tully" chasing evil alien chickens. A clip from the proposed show had Mulder & Scully look-alikes carrying flashlights in a condemned building.
  • Angel - WB drama series - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spin-off - in the May 2000 episode "Santuary", the following exchange occurs: - Kendrick: "Come on, Kate. Everybody knows you've gone all Scully. Anytime one of these weird cases crosses anyone's desk, you're always there. What's going on with you?"
    - Kate: "Scully is the skeptic."
    - Kendrick: "Huh?"
    - Kate: "Mulder is the believer. Scully is the skeptic."
    - Kendrick: "Scully is the chick, right?"
    - Kate: "Yes. - But she's not the one that wants to believe."
    - Kendrick: "And you wanna believe."
    - Kate: "Oh, I already believe. - That's the problem."
  • Baywatch - All of the lifeguards are standing around a huge hole in the beach, speculating how it might have gotten there. Carmen Electra's character suggests that maybe aliens did it, to which David Hasselhoff's character replies "This is not the X-Files". She then loudly proclaims that "The truth is out there".
  • Beverly Hills 90210 - Fox drama - while commenting upon something that had happened between two divorced parents, once character notes "It's almost an X-File"
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy - children's science show - an episode dealing with the unexplained contained a spoof of the X-Files, complete with an actor playing "Mulder", who asked "Why do we never discover the truth?", to which an actress playing "Scully" replies "Because then there wouldn't be a show next week!".
  • Boston Commons - sit-com - Wyleen awakes from the couch in the lobby in time to see some sorority sisters disappear into a hidden door that opens within the wall. She says "I feel like I'm in the middle of an X-Files episode"
  • Boy Meets World - in an episode, Cory and Topanga decide to move in together. Topanga comes in with a facial mask (reminiscent of Scully's in "Arcadia"). Eric enters the dorm room and upon seeing Topanga, yells "Call Mulder and Scully, they'll know what to do!".
  • Breaker High - Teen series - one character (Cassidy) remarks that where they are is not a spa (which is pretty obvious), to which the other girl replies "Thank you, Agent Scully".
  • Brookside - English soap opera - two people find a glass left behind by the guilty party... the man turns to this female companion and says "Now what do you think, Agent Scully?".
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sci Fi comedy/drama - a friend was attempting to give Buffy a logical explanation for something, and her response was "I can't believe that you of all people are trying to Scully me".
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sci Fi comedy/drama - in the 2001 episode "Life Serial", the following conversation takes place: - Andrew: "I just hope she figures it out faster than Data did on that ep of TNG where the Enterprise kept blowing up."
    - Warren: "Or Mulder, when that bank kept exploding?"
    - Andrew: "Scully wants me so bad."
  • Can I Help You? - Singaporean sitcom - As cosmetic sales girl Donna is examining a rash on her neck, sales girl Faridah exclaims "Ey! That reminds me of X-Files!".
  • Casper - cartoon - Agents Moldy and Skully help Casper discover why everyone is disappearing.
    Celebrity Deathmatch - Mulder and Scully
  • Celebrity Deathmatch - MTV claymation program - in the Sci-Fi special episode (October 15, 1998), claymation versions of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny (as Mulder and Scully) were victorious in their battle against MIB's Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The clay-X-Files-characters spent a lot of time talking on their cell phones (Gillian was talking to someone named "Ahab"), Gillian got to save David's rear, and at the end of the match the 2 of them kissed (causing one of the commentators to comment that "no one wants to see that").
  • Chicago Hope - CBS - drama - A woman claims to have been impregnated by an alien - the X-Files music plays.
  • Chicago Hope - CBS, drama - Mark Harmon's character is on a flight home to attend his brother's funeral. The inflight movie is the X-Files movie (complete with the scene of Mulder sliding down the "tube" in the space ship.
  • The Chimp Channel - TBS Series based on their popular "Monkey Movie Shorts" - in a parody called "The Y Files", chimps dressed as Mulder and Scully (complete with a Scully-wig) had adventures with bees, a cornfield, redneck farmers, an autopsy bay, a bad Mulder joke, and (of course) an alien.
  • Crusade - Babylon 5 spin-off series - in an episode titled "Visitors from Down the Street", a couple of aliens (dressed much like Mulder & Scully -- Scully even has red tendrils) investigate visitations of aliens (us) to their world, as well as their government's attempts to cover up these visitations. The Mulder-like character has photographic proof of the alien craft (a blimp) and photos taken from this other planet (Mount Rushmore). He says "I trust no one" and tapes a "Y" to the window of their office.
  • Cybill - comedy - lead character Cybill got a part on a television series which was a copy of the X-Files. Cybill played the Dana Scully role, with a very Mulder-like partner.
  • Cybill - comedy - in one episode, Cybill was thinking about moving to NY, but she didn't want to leave because living where she was now "Every thursday morning i've got David Duchovny jogging past my door".
  • Daria - MTV animated series - in one episode, all of the kids think that Daria is an alien. Daria and her friend, Jane, run into a teacher who asks them "Have you girls started watching X-Files? I have."
  • Daria - MTV animated series - in an episode titled "Daria! The Musical", Kevin makes the following comment about the impending hurricane: "X-Files' says this is just the sneaky way the authorities create, like, a natural disaster thing to cover up the real reason the game's canceled. I mean, big game, big storm... coincedence?!?
  • Dawson's Creek - WB teen-drama - The two main characters, Dawson and Joey, had been experiencing "unresolved sexual tension" (much like Mulder & Scully) for the show's first season. Eventually, Dawson and Joey shared a kiss. In the second season premiere, Dawson's friend Pacey commented on the kiss, saying "After years of gratuitous self examination, you finally did it. You acted. I mean I thought you and Joey were going to draw out this whole "will they, won't they" drama for at least another couple years cause ya know, Sam and Diane, they didn't get together until at least four seasons and, and Mulder and Scully, they haven't even kissed!!"
  • Dawson's Creek - WB teen-drama - in a late 1999 episode, Pacey defends his appeal to Jen by saying "I'm... brooding... and comely" -- which is a reference to Bree Sharp's song "David Duchovny" (see the song section below). Later in the same episode (which involved Blair-Witch-like happenings while they were filming a video on "Witch Island"), Dawson described the events as "an X-File we will never solve."
  • Detention - Animated WB Show - At Benedict Arnold Middle School, there's this paranoid kid named Emitt Roswell who wears a red shirt with a green alien face on it. In one episode, The X-Files beginning credits are spoofed. The theme music is similar, an ID is shown like Mulder's only it's Emitt's, the lines "SCHOOL DENIES KNOWLEDGE" and "PARANORMAL SCHOOL ACTIVITES" are used, as is the tagline "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE." Emitt and this dislikable redhead in a scout uniform bust through the door. There is also a slide show, a press conference, and the mention of brainsucking aliens to take over the world.
  • Detention - Animated WB Show - In another Detention episode, Emitt is running for school office. He and his buddies are in a room which slighly resembles Mulder's basement office. A UFO poster is tacked on the wall. A gray filing cabinet is in the background. The first drawer is marked "X-FILES", the second is marked "Y-FILES."
  • Detention - Animated WB Show - In yet another Detention ep, Emitt is forced to clean the boiler room at school as punishment. His protest: "I have to catch The X-Files marathon tonight!" Later in the ep, when he and his friend think there is a ghost in the boiler room after they get stuck, he flashes a (comic?) book called "Paranormal Patrol" with two agents in black pursuing a ghost. There are many subtle references to aliens/paranormal activity prompted by Emitt's paranoia, but many are pretty directly related to The X-Files.
  • Detention - Animated WB Show -Emitt plans to open a wormhole for aliens to use to enterr into Earth’s solar system on the night of the school Disco Dance. The annoying little redhead has a crush on Emitt and decides to help him, thinking it’s a date. They build the machine to capture aliens in Emitt's shack, which is marked "Area 51." There are filing cabinets marked "X-Files."
    With extra-special thanks to "Cathy the X-Phile" for the 3 "Detention" items above -- she's my Detention Connection!
  • The Drew Carey Show - ABC sit-com - one of the main characters is a fan of the X-Files, and during the show's first season he mentioned the show very frequently.
  • The Drew Carey Show - ABC sit-com - on the November 25, 1998 episode, Kate is sneaking 2 kids out of the house. The boy asks her "How do we know they are not our real parents?". Kate asks "Do you ever watch the X-Files?". The girl replies that they aren't allowed to watch it, to which Kate replies "Of course not! That explains everything!".
  • Diagnosis Murder - an FBI agent is surprised by Det. Sloan's knowledge of anti-government conspiracies, to which Sloan replies "I watch the X-Files"
  • Early Edition - CBS drama - Leading-man Gary comes home to find his friend fiddling around with his VCR. When Gary asks him why he is there, his friend replies "Sorry buddy, mine's broken, and the X-Files is on tonight".
  • Early Edition - CBS drama - on an October 1998 episode, a young boy become suspicious of the main character's behavior. When the boy returns from a trip to the library with books called "Unexplained Phenomena" and "Mysteries Revealed", his mother asks, "Henry, have you been watching The X-Files again?"
  • Earth: Final Conflict - Gene Roddenberry Sci-Fi series - in the episode "Highjacked", Liam gives Lili his "global communicator" and tells her that his password is "Mulder1", to which she replies "You're kidding!".
  • Eek the Cat - Fox - Saturday Cartoon Show - A cartoon Scully and Mulder finally witness a UFO that even Scully can believe in.
  • Eek the Cat - Fox - Saturday Cartoon - in a Sept. 1999 episode called "The Eek Files", Eek falls out of an airplane and lands on a UFO. The pilot was human but thought Eek was a UFO and evacuated. Eek flew the plane to Area 51, where everyone thought he was an alien. In the end, he gets back to his plane by way of a "real" alien on a bicycle (ET).
  • El Comisario - Spanish TV Drama - In the first episode, a policewoman goes home to find her mother watching the X-Files.
  • Extreme Dinosaurs - UPN Cartoon Series - In an episode titled "The Extreme Files", Agents "Scolder" and "Mully" investigate the disappearance of all passengers from a jumbo jet. They form a reluctant alliance with the "extreme dinosaurs" and infiltrate Roswell to find out what really happened.
  • Extreme Ghostbusters - UPN cartoon - an episode titled "Greased" showed a night watchman kicking back, enjoying his favorite TV show to kill time. As seen on the television:
    Scully parody: "What makes you so sure this is an alien, Mully?"
    Mulder parody: "Look at him, Sculder: antennae, green skin, bug eyes. Do I have to write you a letter?"
  • Family Guy - Fox animated series - baby Stewie is busy making some kind of device, and there are 2 figures tied up in the background. The 2 bound people look like Mulder and Scully, and "Mulder" tells the baby "You'll never get away with this!".
  • First Wave - in the show's trailer, one of the characters asks another "Who are you? Agent Mulder of the traffic files?"
  • Forever Knight - in the episode "Ashes to Ashes", Captain Joe Reese expressed his frustration about an unsolved case with the statement--"So we just write it off? Shrug, chalk it up to ghosts or aliens? Come on, Nick, the truth is out there!" To which vampire detective Nick Knight replied, "Yeah, but maybe just not in our jurisdiction."
  • Full Frontal - Australian Parody Show - in 1996 this program aired spoof clips of the X-Files, including lots of shots using darkened, oblique angles; lots of piercing stares; Scully telling Mulder that he is really starting to piss her off; and a scene with Bill, Teena, and Samantha Mulder plotting their own abductions so that they can escape from the too-weird child, Fox.
  • Futurama - Fox cartoon/comedy series - in the first episode, the characters enter a museum where the heads of famous people from the past are preserved (alive) in jars of fluid. As the camera pans though the museum, you can clearly see the heads of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson (as they appeared in "The Simpsons") in two of the jars.
  • FX (the series) - A policeman is discussing whether or not the military is hiding evidence of aliens. When he asks his companion what he thinks, his companion answers "The truth is out there".
  • Goodnight Sweetheart - British Time Travel/Wartime Comedy) - Two female characters (Yvonne and Stella) enter a junk-filled yard at night. Suddenly Gary emerges from the shadows with a ghostly "Agent Mulder?".
  • Goodnight Sweetheart - British Time Travel/Wartime Comedy - in an 1999 episode, when Gary Sparrow's wife tells him that she saw him walk though a wall, he responds by saying "This isn't the X-Files".
  • Goosebumps - children's "horror" show - during one particularly spooky situation, one of the kids says "This is better than the X-Files"
  • Guiding Light - Soap Opera - on the 8/3/1998 installment, as a character is attempting to expose cloning activities to the media, a character named Reva Shane tries to discredit him by calling his accusations outrageous. She says "The next thing you know he will have called in detectives Mulder and Scully!" Maybe next time they'll call them "agents", not "detectives".
  • Heartbreak High - Australian Teen Soap - A man, dressed as Jesus, is in a cab on the way to a theatre. He tells the driver about his acting career. "One time, I was this close, this close, to getting a gig on The X Files. It was one of those computer gigs. But they gave it to one of the crew guys."
  • Heartbreak High - Australian Teen Soap - A man comes to class to tell the students about "illegal aliens" coming into the country. When the man leaves, a character named Drazic gets up and starts yelling "Bye Agent Mulder" and "The truth is out there" until the teacher yells at him to sit down.
  • Hey Arnold! - Nickelodeon cartoon - Arnold and his friend are watching a show called "The Z-Files" when Arnold's grandfather comes in and tells them how silly and unbelievable the show is. The grandfather then changes the channel to the show "Sightings", claiming that it is educational.
  • Hey Arnold! - Nickelodeon cartoon - Arnold and his friend Jerald are about to watch the season finale of "The Z-Files" when Jerald's older brother, Jamie O, comes in and turns it off.
  • Highlander - The Series - in an episode, Methos is trying to guilt Joe Dawson into admitting that he's led Methos into a setup by babbling about their friendship and how they make a really good team. He lists 3 other famous pairs, with "Mulder and Scully" as the first.
  • Hollywood Squares - Game Show - on the July 14, 2000 episode, there was a question that went something like this: "On the TV show The X-Files Mulder and Scully always call each other by their last names, Mulder's first name is Fox, what is Scully's first name?". The question was answered correctly.
  • Home Improvement - ABC Sit-Com - In the season 7 episode "Believe it or Not" (April 28, 1998), Tim Taylor dreamed that he and his wife were investigating extraterrestrials. The nameplate on his desk read "ABC Taylor" (a play on the name Fox Mulder, as aired on the Fox network). During the dream, Tim called his wife "Jilly", and she called him "Taylor". Tim also said "The truth is out there", to which Jill replied "No, you're the only one that's out there". They had a typical Mulder/Scully argument about the scientific nature of the case, and they walked through a dark tunnel carrying flashlights.
  • Homicide: Life on the Streets - NBC drama series - In one episode, Detectives Munch, Lewis, and Bayliss have a celebration for the opening of their bar. When no one shows up at the grand opening the detectives wonder where everyone is, until Munch mentions "It's Friday night... they're all home watching the X-Files". (note for those behind in their X-Files trivia -- Richard Beltzer reprised the role of Homicide's Detective Munch on the X-Files in Season 5's "Unusual Suspects").
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - the TV Show In an episode titled "Honey, It's no Fun Being an Illegal Alien", two of the Lone Gunmen (Bruce Harwood-Byers and Dean Haglund-Langly) suited up to play Men In Black along with Scully's Father (Don Davis). Eventually, the Men In Black turn out to be aliens.
  • House Rules - 1998 NBC Sit-com - In one episode, the characters are locked in the basement and the girl says "Where are Mulder and Scully when you need them?"
  • The Hugleys - ABC sitcom - Daryl said something along the lines of: "The last time you got so riled up was when you saw that alien autopsy video." "It was a janitor on The X-Files!"
  • El Informal (The Informal) - Spain - Comedy News series - When the most important soccer match of the 1998-1999 season was to be aired on Pay-Per-View (instead of on a free station), "El Informal" ran the final scene from the episode "Deep Throat", badly dubbing the dialogue so that Deep Throat was telling very dejected-looking Mulder that the match wouldn't be broadcast for free, and that they would run some other show in its place and pretend that it is a real match.
  • In Melbourne Tonight - this Australian talk show did a couple of X-Files sketches during its final season (1998), with actors dressed as Mulder and Scully and including an alien visitation by the Teletubbies.
  • The Invisible Man - new 2000 sci-fi series - Agent Fawkes (which might be a reference to our own Agent "Fox"??) and his partner are astounded at the security in an office building when the partner exclaims "What are they keeping in there, the X-Files?"
  • Jeopardy! - Game Show - in December 1998, a Final Jeopardy question was: The X-Files episode "The Post-Modern Prometheus" was a homage to this novel, written in 1818. The question, of course, is "What is Frankenstein".
  • Jeopardy! - Game Show - on December 11, 1999, an item in the category "Before and After" was "Spin City star who knows the truth is out there" -- the question/answer being "Who is Michael J. Fox Mulder".
  • Jesse - on the episode that aired Thursday, March 25th, 1999, Diego volunteered to change a baby's diaper, not realizing that it could be a stinky job. When he opened the diaper, he said something along the lines of: "This isn't stinky. This is a smell from... from... the X-Files!".
  • Just Shoot Me - NBC Sit-Com - on the December 8, 1998 episode, the magazine's nerdy accountant/programmer asks Maya to e-mail him, telling her to "Just e-mail me at <[whatever his name is]@scully.mulder.smokingman/thetruthisoutthere>. No spaces, all one word".
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - in episode "May I Talk With You", Detective Peter Caine and his mystical Shaolin father Kwai Chang are invited to speak on a radio talk show. A female caller asks Peter, "Are you more like Fox Mulder on the X-files, or Sipowicz on NYPD Blue?" Peter responds that he's probably a mix of both, but the caller has to remember that they are FICTIONAL characters.
  • Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - in episode "Time Prisoners", While Peter and his colleague Det. Kermit Griffin are sneaking around in a top secret, underground government research facility, formerly dedicated to the study of UFO technology, Kermit mentions something about, "...X-files paranoia..."
  • Lassie - Animal Planet series - in an episode titled "The Lassie Files", After Timmy and Lassie find a mysterious crop circle, Timmy and his friends go UFO hunting. There is a girl who plays the Scully-skeptic. In the end there is a rational explanation for the crop circles, but a UFO does visit Lassie, who knew "The Truth" all along.
  • Late Show with David Letterman - CBS Talk Show - The X-Files appear in David's Top Ten Lists every so often. Here are a few:
    Top Then Other Lists Kept by the FBI:
    1. Female agents who are even one-tenth as hot as Scully
    Top Ten Jerry Falwell Pet Peeves About TV
    2.Why don't Scully and Mulder "do it" already and get it over with
    Top Ten Signs Your Kid is Spending Way Too Much Time On His Computer
    8.He somehow uses morphing technology to make your cat look just like David Duchovny
  • Life's Work - the assistant district attorney is getting reprimanded by her boss for singing karaoke with a mafia boss. Her boss, the DA, tells her that he had to explain her behavior to the FBI's assistant director Skinner!
  • Mad TV - Fox sketch comedy show - spoof of the show titled the XXX-Files. Here our agents investigate crimes committed in the porno industry.
  • Mad TV - Fox sketch comedy show - in another spoof of the show, Mulder & Scully attempt to interview an Asian masseuse who reportedly had aliens for clients.
  • Mad TV - Fox sketch comedy show - in a skit titled "David Duchovny - The Movies in My Life", an actor (doing a reasonable David Duchovny impression) sat on stage in a suit and recited lines from various movies in a completely deadpan & emotionless manner. Lines included where "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth", "Show me the money", the little-kid's scream from "Home Alone", "Don't cry for me Argentina", and "Stella, Stella". The sketch was supposed to be a retrospective of DD's life's work, explaining why he is "one of the most electrifying actors today".
  • Magic's Greatest Secrets Revealed 3 - Fox's "behind the scenes" on magic show - Considering that the show is hosted by Mitch Pileggi (Walter Skinner), you knew that it was only a matter of time before the show was brought up. Just before they were about to display how a particular magic trick was performed, Mitch said "How did he do it? Don't worry about calling Scully and Mulder... here are the secrets".
  • Medico de Familia (Family Doctor) - Spain - Comedy Series - In an episode titled "Los Expedientes Juani" (Expediente X=The X-Files in Spain) Juani (cook of the family) is determined to investigate a possible UFO site, pretending to be Scully herself.
  • Millennium - Fox Drama & X-Files sister show - In the season 1 episode "Lamentation", Frank Black must travel to the Behavioral Sciences Unit of the FBI. In the FBI building, two agents who look suspiciously like Mulder and Scully (who are actually David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson's photo doubles) can be seen descending a staircase in the background.
  • Millennium - Fox Drama & X-Files sister show - The character Jose Chung, from season three's "Jose Chung's From Outer Space", is the first X-Files character to cross-over to Millennium in the episode "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense". Written by one of the X-Files' most beloved writers, Darin Morgan, the episode is a Millennium classic rife with inside jokes (making me wish I had a Millennium Inside-Jokes list). David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson (Mulder & Scully for those of you not paying attention) also appear as Selfosophists in the episode, although they aren't actually there in person. Anderson appears in black & white photos on the office wall, and Duchovny appears as "Bobby Wingood" (who we are guessing was named for X-Files producer/director R.W.Goodwin).
  • Millennium - Fox Drama & X-Files sister show - Another Darin Morgan episode, another episode full of references & inside jokes. In Darin's second Millennium episode, "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me" (May 1, 1998), we got to bear witness to some of Darin's own frustration as an X-Files writer. The television episode causing the network censor so many headaches is obviously an X-Files show, down to the Scully look-alike & her male partner (who really didn't look that much like Mulder) conducting an alien autopsy (using what appears to be the alien from Darin's "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"). The conversation the censor has over the phone (concerning how you can't use the word "crap" to actually describe "crap") is something that actually happened to Darin when working on the episode "War of the Coprophages". It's nice to see that he finally got his revenge.
  • Millennium - in the December 11, 1998 episode (titled "Human Essence"), as Agent Hollis is investigating in an "apartment" hallway, dialogue from the X-Files episode "Kill Switch" can be heard very clearly -- emanating from a television in one tenant's apartment.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Comedy Central turned Sci-Fi Channel Comedy Series - in the season nine episode "Werewolf", the guys make many X-Files cracks, including lines like the werewolves wanting to go home & watch the X-Files, and "well, the truth *is* out there, Mike". The 'bots also commented on the acting of the lead actress (which was rather bad) by saying "at least she's more emotive than Gillian Anderson", and for another actor commented that "This guy's voice coach is David Duchovny".
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Comedy Central turned Sci-Fi Channel Comedy Series - in the season 9 episode "The Final Sacrifice", a character starts to write something on a piece of paper. One of the 'bots comments "Dear Agent Scully, Did not appreciate lawyer's tone..."
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Comedy Central turned Sci-Fi Channel Comedy Series - in the episode "I Was a Teenaged Werewolf", the doctor on the screen is mumbling intelligibly and Crow pipes up with "I studied mumbling with David Duchovny".
  • The Nanny - CBS - sit-com - C.C. and Niles are being uncharacteristically nice to each other. Mr. Sheffield notices and says "Alright Mulder and Scully, would you mind explaining this X-File?".
  • The Naked Truth - sit-com - in this comedy staring Tea Leoni (who David started dating and eventually married during the sit-com's run), a particular episode had Nora (Leoni's character) talking about paranormal activities, psychics, and the like when another character tells her "I think you've been watching too many X-Files episodes".
  • The Naked Truth - sit-com - I had left this off the list for a while because it was more of a reference to David Duchovny than to the X-Files, but it is just too cute to not include. In a season 2 episode titled "The Source" (filmed while David & Tea where dating), the tabloid the characters work for (The Comit) runs an article on David Duchovny's sex life. Duchovny (who does not physically appear in the episode) sues "The Comit", and Leoni's character ends up in jail for refusing to reveal her source for the article. Memorable bits from the episode include Leoni's character making fun of the woman David is dating (which would be herself).
  • Neighbours - Australian Soap Opera - Toadie starts talking about aliens that live in the human brain and exit the body at night while the person is sleeping via the nose. He gets a disbelieving look, and says: "It's true. I saw it on The X Files."
  • NewsRadio - NBC - sit-com - News Director Dave tells the group that someone destroyed the copy machine by trying to copy a mirror. His secretary replies "Mirrored sunglasses. Just trying to prove my theory about the fifth dimension," to which Dave responds "Thank you, Agent Scully." Reportedly, Dave Foley (the actor who plays the news director) is quite a fan of the show.
  • Nilus the Sandman - animated series - The cartoon is based on the old stories of the Sandman who visits people in their dreams and takes them on amazing adventures. In the episode titled "House of Horrors" there is an X-Files parody. Nilus and the dreamer he is visiting end up inside an art museum haunted by the ghost of an artist who is very sensitive to criticism of his work. At one point the ghost throws Nilus and the dreamer into a dungeon. In the dungeon are two skeletons who are dressed like Mulder and Scully. When the walls of the dungeon start closing in, the Mulder skeleton says "Scully, were going to be ground into fine bone china".
  • John Woo's Once a Thief - Action/Adventure Series - This series, featuring Nick Lea (the actor who plays Krycek), aired an episode (titled "Director's File") with Mulder & Scully look-alikes named Elk Diller and Clancy. Elk had a crazy alien abduction hypothesis, and Clancy was a skeptic. At the end of the episode, Nick Lea's character (Victor) got into a bit of a name-calling match with Elk, and when Vic called Elk "Spooky", Elk replied "Don't call me Spooky, Ratboy". (Ratboy was the name given to Krycek by internet X-Philes, and Mulder's nickname at the FBI is "Spooky").
  • John Woo's Once a Theif - Action/Adventure Series - in yet another X-Files reference, Victor (Nick Lea - otherwise known as Alex Krycek) is explaining to Li Anne about vampires and stuff that the director told him. Li Anne looks at him with a deadpan expression and says "If you tell me the truth is out there I am getting a transfer"
  • One Life to Live - Soap Opera - conversation: one character tells the other to go home, the person says that he doesn't need to, the first character says "Yeah, and I'm Agent Mulder. Go on home".
  • The Others - NBC sci-fi/drama - On an episode written by ex-X-Files writers Morgan & Wong (two of the best writers from the early seasons), the male group members were trapped in a house by a deamon, and one suggests to pass the time they "go to an internet chat with X-Files shippers, they're going to debate if Mulder and Scully should get married."
  • The Outer Limits - Sci Fi Drama - on an episode concerning projecting one's consciousness into the past, one time traveller who has gone back and possessed someone's body says that "this body dies of lung cancer in 10 years", and then he lights up a *Morley* cigarette.
  • Pensacola: Wings of Gold - a female marine looks at the character played by Rodney Rowland (Gillian Anderson's former real-life significant other) and says "Not to sound like the X-Files, but we are not alone."
  • Periodistas - Translated "Journalists", a Spanish comedy/drama - in an episode titled "La Verdad Está Ahí Fuera" (The Truth is Out There), the final scene shows two of the journalists (one a male and the other a red-headed female) in a dark autopsy bay with an "alien" corpse. After the two exchange some parodic dialogue on the discovery of "alien life" she leaves angrily. At the very end, we find it was just a dream of the male journalist.
  • Port Charles - Soap Opera - on the August 25, 1998 episode, Dr. Kevin Collins and his father, Victor, are planting a bug in the room of someone who they suspect is involved in some recent murders. Victor is standing guard and suggests that they decide upon a signal to use to warn Kevin that someone is coming. Kevin brushes him off, and Victor replies by muttering "Mulder and Scully would be much more creative".
  • Profiler - In the episode "Double Vision", one of the agents is showing his badge to a bunch of boyscouts and one of them says "Cool, just like Agent Mulder!" While maybe a complete coincidence, later in the same ep, the crime being investigated is called a "Folie a Deux."
  • PSI Factor - sci-fi series - There is a possible reference to The X-Files in the episode "Chiaroscuro". A male character was retelling a story in which he was in a car at night. He saw bright lights hovering in the sky and then blacked out. He said that he when he woke up, he looked at the clock and it said 11:21pm (if you aren't aware of the significance of that number, see The Numbers Game).
  • Querido Maestro - Translated "Dear Teacher", a Spanish comedy - in the episode "Apariencias y Apariciones" (Appearances and Apparitions), as some school children are going to look for ghosts, the most determined one says "La verdad está ahí fuera" (the truth is out there).
  • Ranma 1/2 - Japanese animated series - the main characters are in a school hunting a ghost, and Ranma says "Oh come on Akane. It ain't the X-Files" Mulder and Scully on Reboot
  • Reboot - ABC - Saturday morning cartoon - in the episode "Trust No One", "Fax Modem" and "Data Nully" investigate abductions (Gillian Anderson does her own voice). The lighting, camera angles, title sequence, and story line are all very much like a regular X-Files episode.
  • Reboot - in the episode "System Crash", "Fax Modem" and "Data Nully" make a cameo appearance. Fax Modem appears to be deciding between two postcards, one with "B.C." on it and the other with "L.A." on it -- in reference to Duchovny's British Columbia, Los Angeles woes (talk about an inside-joke reference -- I think this one takes the cake).
  • Royal Canadian Air Farce - Canadian political comedy - in a sketch spoofing the X-Files 5th season, Mulder is believed to be dead and Scully is in her office when someone sneaks up behind her. The someone turns out to be Mulder, who tells her he wasn't really dead, he was "in Winnipeg" -- which I suppose is the same thing!
  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - comedy - one of Sabrina's classmates starts talking about government cover-ups, then another classmate says "And Mulder and Scully will investigate", to which the teacher replies "How many times do I have to tell you that Mulder and Scully don't exist. They are just characters on a TV program". The students then all sigh in disappointment.
  • Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon (Pretty Soldier SailorMoon) - Japanese Animated Series - In this episode of the "Sailor Stars" season, the girls go to a park where there is a huge crowd. Mako (one of the girls) says "Wow! I wonder if they are filming that cool show X-Files!"
  • Saturday Night Live - NBC Sketch Comedy Show - The show opened with an actor playing Bill Gates, claiming he was attempting to download a naked image of Agent Scully when he hit the wrong button, interrupting a televised "special announcement" from President Clinton.
  • Saturday Night Live - NBC Sketch Comedy Show - guest host Julianne Moore parodied Gillian Anderson as Agent Scully. The sketch involved Moore (as Anderson) on a morning talk show hosted by a Liza Minnelli look-alike. Moore's Gillian was a monotone, intelligent, Scully-ish interpretation.
  • Sesame Street - Long-running PBS children's show - in the episode that aired on March 24, 1999, a paranoid muppet named "Telly" kept seeing a strange "X" that came from "Somewhere Else" and whistled a variation on the X-Files theme. Another muppet named Rosita kept just-barely missing the "X". Eventually, everyone saw the "X" and they played the X-Files theme on a "X"ylophone!
  • Seventh Heaven - in the episode "Says Who?", young Simon Camden notices an article about the Heaven's Gate cult and asks how one guy could convince a bunch of people that they had to commit suicide to be taken aboard an alien ship. He says that that is stupid because aliens are already among us, which is what he heard on "The X-Files".
  • Shamu TV - this Animal Planet series contained a skit called "The S-Files" including 2 Mulder and Scully look-alikes named "Tuna Scallop" and "Fish Mollusk".
  • Siete Vidas (Seven Lives) - Spain - In this sitcom about a guy who has recently awoke from an eighteen year coma, the main character and his cousin Laura witness his sister kissing a seducer (who is also his best friend's boss). They watch the scene, speechless, until he asks "What would Mulder and Scully do at this moment?"
  • Silk Stalkings - in an episode that was an homage to the X-Files, a woman who has found a way to contact aliens is killed by the head of a splinter SETI project because he felt that he was the "chosen one". The first six notes of the X-Files theme are played whenever Detective Ryan and St. John use flashlights (something they don't normally use on the show). Detective Ryan (who is male) wants to believe, but St. John says that she isn't "ready to put faith in the X-Files". Mulder and Scully on the Simpsons
  • The Simpsons - Fox cartoon/comedy series - not only were our agents present (and voiced by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson), but the episode, titled "The Springfield Files", was full of X-Files inside jokes itself (including a "Red Speedo" photo of Mulder instead of his FBI ID)!
  • The Simpsons - Fox cartoon/comedy series - during the 1997 Halloween episode the credits were changed to give everyone's name a "spooky" feel. Executive producer Mike Scully's name was changed to Mike "Agent" Scully.
  • The Simpsons - Fox cartoon/comedy series - in the "SpinOff Showcase" episode there is a board with FOX's schedule. Most of the board is segmented into half-hour time slots, but right in the middle there is a block that reads "Friday 9-10 X-FILES"
  • The Simpsons - Fox cartoon/comedy - in the episode airing 2/20/2000 titled "Missionary: Impossible", the Simpson-esque Mulder and Scully animated characters are among the Fox characters manning the telephones in a Fox fund drive at the end of the episode.
  • The Simpsons - the Feb. 28, 1999 episode pays homage to the X-Files episode "Triangle", with Homer falling asleep at work and waking up to music suspiciously like the swing music from "Triangle" and a voice on the radio saying that it is 1939.
  • Skitz - New Zealand Sketch Comedy Show - during the 1998 season there were a series of sketches involving "The Z-Files", with agents investigating thinks like a burnt steak and why Scully is paid less than Mulder.
  • Sliders - sci-fi show - on a 5th season episode titled "The Return of Maggie", the Sliders gang are discussing how this version of Earth they've just slid onto is much more technically advanced than most of the others they've been to. The doctor of the group explains that in this version of Earth, the government announced the Roswell crash to the American public when it happened and the world was able to use the technology to become more advanced. Maggie replies "Yeah, well, we've all seen the X-Files", to which Mallory (who is from a different version of Earth) asks "X-Files?".
  • South Park - Comedy Central adult cartoon - In the episode "Pink Eye", when Stan attempts to tell the police officer that his clone is destroying the town, the officer replies "You have been watching too much X-Files"
  • South Park - Comedy Central adult cartoon - in the Thanksgiving episode (titled "Starvin' Marvin"), there are some interesting analogies written on the classroom blackboard. One of the analogies reads "David Duchovny is to tampons as nougat is to chocolate". (No, I have no idea what that means).
  • South Park - Comedy Central adult cartoon - in the episode "Chicken Pox", the doctor is explaining to Stan's parents what will happen if Stan (who has contracted chicken pox) does not return to the hospital. The doctor tells them that "As he chokes for breath, the pox will move into his inner ear, making him think he's David Duchovny!".
  • Spaced - UK Comedy Series - Tim, one of the main characters is completely in love with Gillian Anderson, so the show is packed with references, including:
  • In one episode Tim says: "The only woman I've ever cared about who isn't computer generated or a fictional FBI agent has just called me up and asked to see me, you've picked a really weird time to take a spontaneous interest in my travel plans."
  • In another episode, he somehow has a Scully action figure on his face ("FMH", who sent these in, hasn't seen that episode in particular, so we can't explain it any better than this)
  • Tim takes Daisy's dog, Colin, out for a walk in the dark, and it disappears from the end of its leash... when he gets back home, they have the following conversation (which is reminiscient of Queequeg vs. the alligator in "Quagmire"): Daisy: "What do you mean, Colin's been eaten?!"
    Tim: "By a crocodile or something.."
    Daisy: "A CROCODILE?!"
    Tim: "Or something..."
  • The time on Brian's clock in episode six is 1121. (if you don't get that one, go to Numbers Game).
  • On the official site, it said, 'As an interesting point of fact, this line was originally put in to set up a later scene in which Tim conversed with Scully on a park bench. A look-a-like was hired, the scene was filmed but ultimately it didn't work out, so it was dropped in the edit. No conspiracy here though, the show just worked better without it.'
  • Spin City An elderly woman opens the door to a man in black leather biking gear and a black helmet. She asks "Are you from The X Files?"
  • Spitting Image - has done many X-Files sketches, including one likening the X-Files to Scooby-Doo (complete with Scully snacks) and one making fun of their use of flashlights (torches) -- apparently the latter was to hide the fact that all scenes were shot in the same location.
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine - syndicated Sci Fi Drama - the "Temporal Investigators" who appeared in the episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" were named Dulmer and Lucsly, which are anagrams for Mulder and Scully. If that isn't cute enough, the actor who plays Lucsly (Jim Jansen), is also the actor who plays Dr. Heitz Werber on the X-Files (as seen in the Pilot episode and "Patient X")
  • Station Zero - animated cartoon/video show on MTV - Chino, one of the main characters, says "Yo, this is weird. Looks like a case for Mulder and Scully".
  • Strange Luck - Fox - Friday night drama - The main character's brother knows Mulder, and mentions him in a message left for the main character (Chance Harper).
  • Student Bodies - syndicated teenage show - one of the episodes (titled "Flash") featured brief cartoon sketches interspersed throughout of Mulder & Scully investigating "mysterious" occurrences at a high school.
  • Sunset Beach - NBC soap opera - on the July 15th (1998) episode, as a character named Ricardo is talking about his mother who claims to be psychic, he adds "... I was just waiting for Mulder and Scully to show up".
  • Sunset Beach - NBC soap opera - in an episode, all of the people in the room own cellphones, and when one rings everyone reaches for theirs. One of the people says something along the lines of "Hey, this is like The X-Files".
  • Sunset Beach - NBC Soap Opera - Annie takes a gun and goes to the warehouse to find out who's been blackmailing her, and the spooky mysterious voice laughs at her from the shadows, saying, "And the gun - hah! Who do you think you are, Annie, Agent Scully?"
  • Sunset Beach - NBC Soap Opera - When the Rosario Madonna is cursing everybody and making them look really old and wrinkled, Ricardo asks Cole for an explanation and says, "I don't want the X-Files version. Now, people are getting older while we're watching them here... there's gotta be some medical reason..."
  • Sunset Beach - NBC Soap Opera - When Annie finally finds out that her boyfriend is an FBI agent working undercover, she gets all hysterical, punches him, starts crying and screaming etc; Annie: "It's a bunch of bull that you ever had feelings for me."
    Jude: "I never *pretended* to have feelings for you!"
    Annie: "Yeah? Well you said it in front of him... what is it, part of the investigation, Mulder? I may have red hair but I am not Scully."
    Jude: "Annie, you're babbling."
  • That 70's Show - Fox Sit-com - the kids discuss the idea of aliens (while high), and at the end of the conversation one of them yells "The Truth is Out There!"
  • Third Rock from the Sun - sit-com - the aliens get together and write an X-Files script ("Mulder and Scully go on a picnic")!
  • Third Rock from the Sun - sit-com - Harry says: "Oh, look at this... I bet they break the genetic code... and find out Scully's been implanted by the Smokin' Guy!!!"
  • Third Rock from the Sun - sit-com - A radio add for the show (before the season premiere in 1999) has a man calling the FBI and asking to talk to Agent Mulder. When the FBI woman acts confused, the man tells her that he needs to report an alien sighting. After giving a little speech about 3rd Rock, the woman tells him that there is no Agent Mulder. He then accuses her of being a part of the "conspiracy of silence".
  • This Hour Has 22 Minutes - Canadian Comedy Series - this television show, which usually mocks Canadian politics, did a spot spoofing the X-Files -- complete with decent Mulder & Scully imitators who were searching for the existence of "The NDP" -- a political party that has fallen out of favor in recent times in Canada.
  • This Life - Popular British TV series - one character (Anne) says "I had my dose of paranoia with last night's X-Files".
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - late-night talk show - On the July 23, 1998 show they parodied the X-Files movie. Titled "The Ax-Files", the show used the helicopter chase scene from the movie, removing the helicopters and inserting footage of the Tonight Show stage hand Richard chasing Mulder & Scully with an ax.
  • Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place - ABC sitcom - As the episode opens, the three main characters sit entranced by their television set as we hear the familiar strains of the X-Files theme music from their TV. As the guys pick on each other, the girl yells at them to quit it because "I'm trying to watch the X-Files!!". As they prepare to pick on her, she threatens to "...rip your arm off..." to one of them, "...and beat you senseless with it!" to the other. From the television set we hear a blood-curdling scream, followed by a voice yelling "Stop beating me with his arm!" as the music draws to an end. Also worth mentioning -- the actor who plays "Berg" (Ryan Reynolds) played Jay "Boom" DeBoom in the 2nd season X-Files episode "Syzygy", and the actor who plays "Pete" (Richard Ruccolo) was in the 6th season X-Files episode "Tithonus".
  • Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place - ABC Sitcom - Berg and the geeky classmate he hates are in the morgue doing an autopsy. Berg tries to convince the classmate to come to his Halloween party so he's not alone in the morgue on Halloween, but he refuses and Berg leaves. The classmate starts to get freaked out and he turns on the radio for comfort. Out of the radio comes the X-Files theme.
  • Veronica's Closet - set-com - At a new year's party, one character was compelled to achieve a list of goals before midnight. He complained that he only had 20 minutes left, and someone else informed him that there were actually only 2 minutes until midnight. Upon finding this out, he slapped his wrist and declared "Darned X-Files watch!". This does give new meaning to the X-Files concept of "losing time", doesn't it?
  • The Visitor - Fox drama - While the "guy in charge" is chewing out a group of agents for not apprehending the "visitor", he says "If you don't turn up something soon I'm going to turn this over to the two clowns in the basement."
  • Walter Melon - Animated Series - an episode titled "The Hex Files" was about a town with extreme friendly habits. Agents "Moldy and Scuttle" went to investigate the town, where Agent Moldy gets hypnotised by a hairdryer at the local Barber Shop. Walter Melon gets called in to replace Moldy, where he and Agent Scuttle discover (after investigating in a corn-field with flashlights) that all of the crimes in question had been committed by "The Lolly-Eating Man".
  • Win Ben Stein's Money - Comedy Central Game Show - in the final round, Ben Stein declares "I swear on the conspiracy theories of Agent Mulder that I do not know the questions."
  • Weird Science - comedy - FBI agents Mully and Sculder reports of UFO sightings that were actually not UFO's but really one of the main characters and his special flying shoes.
  • Weird Science - comedy - in an episode titled "Wicked Wish" (first aired 7/18/1998), there was a Sculder, a Mully, a cigarette-smoking man, and other assorted X-Files references.
  • Whose Line is it Anyway? - ABC Improv show (and one of my personal favorites) - in a recent (year 2000) episode, the contestants played a game called "Alphabet" where they must interact with each other -- but each sentence must start with the next letter of the alphabet. Letters like "X" and "Z" tend to give them trouble. Part of the exchange in this episode went like this: X-Files! X-Files! We're missing the X-Files!
    You're an X-Files fan too?
    Zowie, I didn't know there were so many!
    Alabama has the greatest population of X-Files fans.
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Game Show - in an episode that aired June 27, 2000, the $300 question asked which show does the character "Fox Mulder" belong to. The answer (of course) was "D) The X-Files".
  • World's Funniest - Fox's answer to "Funniest Home Videos" - a segment containing funny animal videos was titled "Animal X-Files".
  • 2.4 Children - BBC sitcom - The father finds some unusual plumbing behind a wall. His son tells him that that's not interesting, a nest of a man who comes to life every 50 years to eat livers would be interesting. (Tooms anyone?)


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