The X-Files In-Jokes List - He Said, She Said


In yet another attempt to make the lists lists page a bit smaller, I have separated the Mulder/Scully common phrase references to their own page. Here are the phrases that are heard in just about every X-Files episode

Scully says "Mulder, It's Me"

  • Shapes - she's hiding from the manitou, Mulder is looking for her
  • The Erlenmeyer Flask - calling to tell Mulder about the odd bacteria
  • The Host - calling Mulder to talk about the first little fluke worm
  • The Host - calling to tell Mulder that flukie is probably looking for a host
  • Duane Barry - speaking to Mulder through his headpiece, while he is in with Duane Barry.
  • Duane Barry - calling from her home right before she is abducted.
  • Colony - calling Mulder just after he is chewed out by Skinner
  • Colony - to Mulder's answering machine after being followed home from the lab
  • Colony - when calling Mulder from the bus while attempting to evade the bounty hunter, who is also on the bus
  • End Game - from the phone booth, looking quite bloody, while being held hostage by the mighty-morphin-bounty-hunter.
  • End Game - calling Mulder to tell him that they found the body of his "sister".
  • End Game - while knocking on Mulder's door, but he has run off to Alaska.
  • Fearful Symmetry - after calling Mulder from the zoo.
  • F. Emasculata - calling to tell Mulder about the contagion
  • Anasazi - when Mulder wakes up after being shot
  • 731 - calling Mulder (who is once again stuck in a boxcar) from a matching boxcar (she's with the consortium guy)
  • Grotesque - just before entering Mulder's apartment to find it covered in gargoyle pictures
  • Piper Maru - calling Mulder with information on the Zeus Faber
  • Apocrypha - calling Mulder after catching Luis Cardinal
  • Teso Dos Bichos - calling Mulder while looking for Bilak, Mulder's looking for Mona
  • Sanguinarium - outside Mulder's hotel door, after taking the witch to the hospital
  • Tunguska - calling Mulder from the lab
  • El Mundo Gira - once again, calling Mulder from the lab.
  • Leonard Betts - calling to tell Mulder about the autopsy on Leonard's head
  • Leonard Betts - calling Mulder while getting out of the ambulance, right before Leonard attacks her.
  • Memento Mori - calling Mulder from the hospital, to tell him to bring her overnight bag.
  • Kaddish - calling Mulder from the car on the way to the print shop owner's murder scene.
  • Demons - upon finding the suicidal Mulder
  • Chinga - Scully interrupts Mulder as he is watching a video titled 'Alien Probe'
  • The End - calling to break up Mulder & Fowley's little reunion
  • The Movie - calling Mulder from the rooftop
  • Drive - calling Mulder from quaranteen
  • Triangle - attempting to rouse Mulder from his drug-induced sleep
  • Dreamland II - after everything is back to normal - calling to tell Mulder they weren't caught by Kersh
  • Terms of Endearment - calling to tell Mulder that his coverstory isn't needed
  • Rain King - calling to tell Mulder that they can't take off due to the fog
  • Tithonus - calling to ask Mulder to look up one of Fellig's pseudonyms
  • Monday - calling Mulder on Tuesday
  • The Sixth Extinction - talking to Mulder in the hospital
  • The Goldberg Variation - at the beginning of the episode
  • Closure - calling from Mulder's mother's house to tell Mulder about the burned document
  • En Ami - leaving Mulder the "family emergency" message.
  • Hollywood A.D. - Scully calling Mulder from the tub
  • Requiem - after knocking on Mulder's hotel room door
    (Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 13 / Season 3: 5 / Season 4: 8 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 7 / Season 7: 5)
  • Mulder says "Scully, it's me"
  • Pilot - when he calls her in what turns out to be the first of many late-night calls
  • Ice - when Scully first points her gun at him
  • The Erlenmeyer Flask - when Mulder calls Scully to tell her they've been 'shut down'.
  • The Host - calling to tell Scully about the fluke man
  • Irresistible - calling (at 11:21) to tell her that they have a suspect in custody
  • Colony - *real* Mulder on the phone to Scully, who has the Faux Mulder in the hotel room with her
  • End Game - Bounty-Hunter-As-Mulder says this to Scully as she points her gun at him
  • Anasazi - calling Scully from the boxcar
  • Nisei - before chasing after the train
  • Syzygy - calling to tell Scully that he has Margie (while she has Terri)
  • Apocrypha - calling to tell her to check on Skinner's guards at the hospital
  • Talitha Cumi - after being beaten up by Mr. X -- she's got Jeremiah Smith
  • Herrenvolk - calling from the road in Canada -- Scully is being held by the bounty hunter.
  • Never Again - calling Scully from the road, on his way to Graceland.
  • Tempus Fugit - calling Scully to come to his hotel room to listen to the flight-tower recording.
  • Max - calling from the airplane, with the bad-guy trapped in the bathroom.
  • Gethsemane - interrupting her family get-together dinner
  • Kitsunegari - when Mulder calls Scully after witnessing the death of the therapist
  • All Souls - calling to tell her about the whereabouts of the 3rd girl
  • All Souls - just before Scully sees the angel
  • The Movie - calling Scully, who is hiding in the Bethesda Naval Hospital.
  • Dreamland I - calling Scully after the body-swap
  • Terms of Endearment - calling during the background checks
  • Alpha - calling to tell Scully to stake out the hospital
  • Three of a Kind - The Lone Gunmen's reproduction of Mulder, when they call Scully
  • Hollywood A.D. - Mulder calls Scully from his car to ask her to perform an autopsy.
  • Essence - calling Scully (who was in the shower)
  • Essence - after knocking on her door, before trying to get her to go on the run

  • (Season 1: 3 / Season 2: 5 / Season 3: 4 / Season 4: 5 / Season 5: 3 / Season 6: 4 / Season 7: 1 / Season 8: 2)
    Scully says "Oh my god" (or "my god")
  • The Pilot - when the girl's nose starts bleeding at the diner.
  • Deep Throat - after seeing the wildly maneuvering lights over Ellens Air Force Base.
  • Squeeze - just before telling Mulder "I think it's bile"
  • Conduit - when she sees the giant picture of Ruby formed by the binary digits.
  • Shadows - after bursting into the office after the 'paper tornado' was over
  • Ghost in the Machine - as she witnesses the COS reads the files on her home computer
  • Space - after finding Lt. Col. Belt under his desk
  • Eve - when they see Eve 6's "family album"
  • Fire - when L'ively's likeness comes off of the fax machine
  • Shapes - after finding Lyle's body
  • Darkness Falls - after cutting down the large cocoon and finding the man inside.
  • E.B.E - when she and Mulder discover the ICU in the truck.
  • The Host - when she finds the small fluke attached to the liver of the corpse during the autopsy.
  • The Host - when she sees the fluke man for the first time.
  • Excelsius Dei - When Scully sees the resident's huge painting on the wall.
  • Die Hand Die Verletzt - when she and Mulder find Mr. Ausbury's bones.
  • Anasazi - when sick Mulder stumbles through her door
  • 731 - after seeing the mass grave
  • Teso Dos Bichos - upon finding the dead bodies under the museum
  • Hell Money - when a frog crawled out of her autopsy subject
  • Herrenvolk - when she sees injured Mulder walking down the hall in the hospital.
  • Unruhe - upon seeing the line 'thought-o-graphs' taken by Mulder, depicting Mary's abduction.
  • Unruhe - upon seeing the scan of Mary LeFante's ice pick lobotomy.
  • Home - when she unwraps the blanket to reveal the deceased Peacock infant.
  • Teliko - upon finding Aboah's hiding place
  • Tunguska - when the infected doctor moved/jerked
  • El Mundo Gira - while watching the eccellerant enzyme work on the rust.
  • Leonard Betts - when Leonard's decapitated head moved.
  • Leonard Betts - upon seeing a slice of Leonard's cancerous brain tissue.
  • Leonard Betts - upon finding the cancerous waste in Leonard's trunk.
  • Kaddish - when she sees the surveillance videotape of Isaac Luria's golem entering the print shop.
  • Post-Modern Prometheus - upon seeing "The Great Mutato" for the first time
  • Emily - when Scully sees the green spot on the back of Emily's neck
  • Chinga - upon seeing the lobster that is to be her dinner
  • Bad Blood - as Scully lets the "magic fingers" do the walking
  • The Red and the Black - (eight times!) during her hypno-regression (6 "Oh my god"s and 2 "Oh god"s)
  • The Beginning - upon finding Gibson in their car
  • How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - upon finding the bodies under the floorboards.
  • Trevor - upon finding the guy without a face
  • Field Trip - upon seeing the alien in Mulder's apartment
  • Biogenesis - upon finding the body in the trash compactor
  • Hungry - upon seeing Rob Roberts' true face
  • Rush - upon seeing the deputy's body
  • Rush - seeing the results of Max's brain scan
  • Signs & Wonders - upon seeing autopsy photos.
  • Theef - when blinded.
  • Hollywood A.D. - when Micah Hoffman's body sits up and talks to her
  • Hollywood A.D. - when Scully sees Micah Hoffman approaching them as she and Mulder arrest Cardinal O'Fallon
  • Without - upon seeing the light in the sky
  • Invocation - when the star appears on the psychic's forehead
  • DeadAlive - when Mulder awakens
  • Empedocles - when she opens Mulder's gift
  • Existence - upon waking up in Reyes' car
  • The Movie - upon seeing the Fireman's body
    (Season 1: 12 / Season 2: 5 / Season 3: 3 / Season 4: 11 / Season 5: 11 / Season 6: 5 / Season 7: 5 / Season 8: 4)
  • Mulder says "Oh my god"
  • Little Green Men - talking into tape recorder, telling Scully that it looks like the man has been frightened to death
  • Anasazi - when Scully tells him about the drugged water in his building
  • Anasazi - from boxcar, his last words in Season 2: "Oh my god Scully, what have they done?"
  • The Movie - upon waking up in the hospital to the lovely sight of the Lone Gunmen.
    (Season 1: 0 / Season 2: 3 / Season 3: 0 / Season 4: 0 / Season 5: 0 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 0)
  • Scully says "I'm fine"
  • Shadows - to Mulder - after surviving the car wreck
  • Ice - to Hodge - after she and Mulder argue
  • Beyond the Sea - to Mulder - when Scully shows up at work after her father's death
  • Irresistible - (twice!) when talking to Mulder in the jail, before returning to Washington.
  • Irresistible - to Mulder after her ordeal with Pfaster is over -- just before she bursts into tears.
  • Fresh Bones - to Mulder - after feeling the effects of the voodoo curse in the form of a headache
  • Fresh Bones - as she and Mulder leave Warton's office
  • Fresh Bones - in the car at the cemetery, just before the guy pops out of her hand!
  • Quagmire - to Mulder - just before she takes Queequeg for his 'final walk'.
  • Herrenvolk - on the phone to Mulder while she's being held by the bounty hunter.
  • Memento Mori - after chasing Kurt Crawford, her actual line being "I'm fine Mulder... Quit staring at me, I'm fine".
  • Memento Mori - to her mother, who is visiting her in the hospital.
  • Memento Mori - 2 "I feel fine"'s scattered throughout the episode.
  • Max - to Skinner - after Pendrell is shot & her nose bleeds
  • Elegy - to Mulder - right before seeing the apparition in the bathroom
  • Elegy - (twice!) again to Mulder - after coming out of the bathroom
  • Elegy - when Mulder comes to her apartment
  • Gethsemane - to her brother (in the hospital after getting knocked down the stairs)
  • Chinga - upon returning after her vacation, Mulder inquires if she feels rested, to which Scully replies "I feel fine"
  • En Ami - Scully tells Skinner to tell Mulder that she's fine.
    (Season 1: 3 / Season 2: 8 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 9 / Season 5: 2 / Season 6: 0/ Season 7: 1)
  • Mulder says "I'm fine"
  • Deep Throat - to Scully - after Deep Throat disappears from the bar
  • Conduit - to Scully - as the police unearth the body discovered by Mulder
  • Ascension - (twice!) to Krycek, who is chiding him about driving after not getting any sleep
  • Excelsius Dei - to Scully - after surviving the flooding bathroom
  • End Game - To Skinner - just before going to trade Samantha for Scully
  • Quagmire - to Scully - at the end of the episode
  • Herrenvolk - on the phone to Scully, who is being held by the bounty hunter.
  • Demons - after having a seizure -- to which Scully replies that she won't take that as an answer (isn't that funny?).
  • Folie A Deux - to Scully, after the hostage situation is over
  • Closure - after seeing his sister
    (Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 4 / Season 3: 1 / Season 4: 2 / Season 5: 1 / Season 6: 0 / Season 7: 1)
  • Mulder's Come-On Lines to Scully
    Special thanks to Lance Martin for the category suggestion

  • E.B.E. - "I think it's remotely plausible that someone might think you’re hot." - to Scully, referring to the Lone Gunmen's earlier comments.
  • Tooms - "If there’s an ice tea in that bag, could be love." - in response to Scully's "I wouldn’t put myself on the line for anybody but you."
  • War of the Coprophages - "Scully... what are you wearing?" - on the phone , after Scully's diatribe on the probability of alien intelligent life.
  • Piper Maru - "I just got very turned on" - after Scully rattles off the make of the downed plane.
  • Quagmire - "Scully, are you coming on to me?" - on the rock, after Scully compares him to Ahab.
  • Home - (suggestively) "Do we?" - in response to Scully's assertion that we all have an instinct to propagate.
  • Small Potatoes - "Birds do it, bees do it, even educated MD's do it" - after discovering that all of the babies had the same father.
  • Small Potatoes - "Hey Scully, should we be picking out china patterns or what?" - after Scully correctly guesses Mulder's theory.
  • Schizogeny - "Hey, Scully, is this demonstration of boyish agility turning you on at all?" - while climbing a tree.
  • Chinga - "Marry Me" - on the phone after Scully rattles off signs of witchcraft/magic.
  • Arcadia - "Let's get it on, honey" - undercover as a married couple
  • Arcadia - "You want to make that honeymoon video now?" - undercover as a married couple, as Scully videotapes the house's interior
  • Arcadia - "Come on, Laura, you know... we're married now" - undercover as a married couple, as he reclines on the bed
    Laura's note -- I refuse to include Mulder's "I love you" in "Triangle" on this list -- as I think it was heartfelt and not a come-on line; and I waver on the "iced tea" comment from "Tooms". For "Triangle" and other "romantic" moments, check out that list on the Hugs & Kisses list on the Lists & Statistics page.
    (Season 1: 2 / Season 2: 0 / Season 3: 2 / Season 4: 2 / Season 5: 5 / Season 6: 3 / Season 7: 0)
  • Scully asks Mulder where he's going, and he gives her a brush-off answer
  • Ghost in the Machine
    S - Where are you going?
    M - To talk to someone
  • Colony
    S - Where are you going?
    M - Home (I know, it doesn't look like a brush-off answer, but it is -- he didn't specify which home)
  • Fearful Symmetry
    S - Where are you going Mulder?
    M - To talk to the animals
  • F. Emasculata
    S - Where are you going?
    M - To see if I can get in the way
  • Paper Clip
    S - Mulder, Where are you going?
    M - (no answer - as they split up in the file room, after the lights go out)
  • Grotesque
    S - Mulder, where are you going?
    M - (again, no answer - don't you just wanna punch him sometimes?)
  • Talitha Cumi
    S - Where are you going?
    M - If I told you, you wouldn't let me go
  • Teliko
    S - Where are you Mulder?
    M - Off to water the seeds of doubt
    S - Where are you going?
    M - To find someone who I know plotted to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate.
  • The Field Where I Died
    S - Mulder, where are you going?
    M - no answer (he was wandering out into the 'field')
  • Never Again
    S - Where will you be?
    M - gives a spiel about taking a 'spiritual journey'
  • Kaddish
    S - Where are you going?
    M - To see a man about a burning book.
  • Unrequited
    S - What are you gonna do?
    M - Going to see if we're really chasing a dead man.
  • Detour
    S - Where are you going?
    M - I've gotta check something out
    (Season 1: 1 / Season 2: 1 / Season 3: 3 / Season 4: 6 / Season 5: 1)
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