Al - Pop's eldest son Lee Scott - Stella's friend's husband
Alvin Steele - Hotel owner Les McQueen - ex-Crème Brulee member
Andrew Ward - scarecrow Lotte Lipp - Herr Lipp's wife
Anthony "Neds" Needham - Knight Rider fan Mama Lazarou - wife of Papa Lazarou
Bamford (Mr) - terminally ill patient Martin Lee - hiker
Bobby Woodward - policeman Matthew Chinnery - veterinarian
Brian Morgan - businessman Mick McNamara - cave guide
David Tattsyrup - son of Tubbs & Edward Don Lynch - Club manager/terrorist
Mickey M. Michaels - dole scum Murray Mint - assistant to Mayor Vaughn
Erno Breastpinch'd (Prof) - market researcher Owen Fallowfield - morgue worker (with issues)
Gina Beasley - grieving mother & patient of Dr. Carlton Phil Proctor - Legz Akimbo member
Glenn Tilbrook Baggs - debt collector Sheila Foot - wife of Peter Foot
Haig - film fan & reluctant painter Simon (Dr) - card game hating doctor
Hilary Briss - butcher Tony Bell - Stella's lover and daughter Julie's boyfriend
Iris Krell - house keeper Val Denton - wife of Harvey Denton
Kenny Harris - Dog cinema owner Wynt (Mr) - surveyor for PQ construction
Lance Longthorne - Joke shop owner

Ally Welles - horror film fan Jed Hunter - ad director
Anne Hand - Terry Lollard's companion Jed Tinsel - farmer
Ava De Courcey - old lady, dog lover Lucas Wesley (Dr) - crooked doctor
Barbara Dixon - transsexual owner of Bab's Cabs Mary Hobbs - housewife
Barrington "Barry" Baggs - debt collector Maurice Evans - magistrate
Best (Mr) - supervisor of geriatric ward Mechanic (The) - a mechanic
Bob Chagall - Crème Brulee's keyboard player Mike Harris - businessman
Charlie Hull - Husband, masseuse Nancy Glass - child-beauty pagent mother
Daddy - Sexual Scientist Oshi Kurosawa - Japanese projectionist
Dave Parkes - Legz Akimbo member Pauline Campbell-Jones - restart officer
Ernest Foot - tactless senior citizen Pop - newsagent and landlord
Harvey Denton - Toad lover and clean freak Reenie Calver - charity-shop worker
Herr Wolf Lipp - German teacher Timothy Majolica (Dr) - Victorian-era vet
Inspector Shakespeare - police officer Tish Guppy - fag-hag
Iain Cashmore - single guy, looking for love Tubbs Tattsyrup - co-owner of the Local Shop
Ira Carlton (Dr) - unsympathetic doctor

Benjamin Denton - nephew of Val and Harvey Denton Matthew Parker - innocent choirboy
Bernice Woodall - Vicar/Agony Aunt Mike King - hospital radio DJ
Bobby Hart - Koi owner Noel Glass - child-beauty pagent father
Cathy Carter-Smith - Restart officer Olive Kilshaw - dating agency worker
Chris Frost - store detective Ollie Plimsolls - founder of Legz Akimbo
Dean Tavalouris - amateur magician Pamela Doove - aspiring actress
Edgar Fish (Dr) - doctor and film fan Papa Lazarou - circus ringmaster
Edward Tattsyrup - co-owner of the Local Shop Patch Lafeyette - Crème Brulee's drummer
Geoff Tipps - angry businessman Peter Foot - funeral-obsessed senior citizen
Henry Portrait - horror-film fan Rich - Pop's younger son
Ingleby (Reg) - world's smallest escapologist Ross Gaines - undercover dole-scum
Interviewer - interviews Mayor Vaughn Sam Chignell - local councillor
Jeanette Stevens - private patient of Dr. Carlton Shirley Shelley - assistant at Dog Cinema
Joseph Nigel Lisgoe - Boss of Barry and Glenn Baggs Singleton Boothby (Dr) - Victorian-era vet
Judee Levinson - glamorous rich woman Stella Hull - bitter wife
Judith Buckle - garden center employee Terry Lollard - door-to-door Christian
Keith Drop - charity-shop worker Vinnie Wythenshaw - charity-shop worker

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